5 thoughts on “Troll Level, Galaxy Class”

  1. I suggested that a few years ago. It cements Obama’s place in the history books in a way he can’t avoid accountability. Also, if Obama can’t go to jail, some of the truth might come out.

    1. The worse president ever would never be sent to jail or even punished.
      But even senile former Vice President with family selling his office, is also not going to jail.
      So not only Obama but Biden should be pardoned so as to be immune from prosecution for any crimes while in office as President or Vice President.
      But there are de facto immunity granted to certain groups of people which should be revoke, I would rather WHO be hanged in exchange no kind of punishment for brainless Biden and the feckless Obama. And might be convinced others in Obama administer should have immunity- such as Hilary Clinton.
      If WHO gets persecuted for crimes of against humanity, or as call it, War Crimes. I would trade that for a lot immunity for the crooks of Obama Administration and even some in the Deep State- so even people there before Obama took office and still there- such as obviously corrupt FISA judges who trampled the rights of Americans.

  2. I think we should be a lot more sparing with those pardons. Obama getting charged with a real crime would be a refreshing change. I don’t expect that to happen, not just due to the historical reluctance to charge past presidents with crimes, but also because Obama probably took good enough precautions to maintain plausible deniability. But if he slipped up, he should get nailed for it.

  3. Nice to see the Blaze in the fan fiction business. Guess principals weren’t paying the bills a few years ago. It would never happen though.
    If it did Obama could rally it back with Troll level : universal class by refusing the pardon. Forcing the DOJ to put up or shut up with charges which clearly “Mister unlimited Executive authority” is not willing to do.

  4. If Obama is charged, expect Trump to be charged as soon as he’s out of office and a Democrat President/congress happens. The real outcome and punishment of Obama’s criminality is that the GOP should gain both houses and the executive. Unfortunately, I’m not at all sure the GOP can manage that. The Murder Turtle is moving too slow.

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