3 thoughts on “The Shokin Firing”

  1. It’s a big deal if the recording can be verified. I’m convinced that’s what Biden was intending to do. I just think this is in the “too good to be true” category for now.

  2. Time to get those roller skates on and do some spinning.

    In this case, it MUST be an example of either Russia or Ukraine interference in the 2020 election. Like the computer hacking in 2016 of the DNC/Podesta emails, it doesn’t actually MATTER that the leaked material was true.

    Those nasty Russians….

  3. In an age of deepfakery, no recording of anything, either audio or video, can any longer be taken at face value. This recording needs to be scrubbed with lye and a wire brush to insure it is not a fabricated “Easter egg” intended to lure investigators into doing something that would compromise both a potential Biden investigation and any other related investigation, especially that of Obamagate.

    If it turns out to be authentic – perhaps made, sub rosa, by some “little person” as insurance against being later made a sacrificial patsy – then it can become evidence in a future prosecution. But first both its authenticity and provenance need to be firmly established.

    The black hats here have repeatedly demonstrated that they are completely without scruples. But they are hardly without resources. And they are capable of anything not physically impossible by way of avoiding punishment for their various and multifarious crimes.

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