One thought on “Russiagate”

  1. Secretary of State John Kerry and his team came to terms with the Islamic Republic. “He sees himself as a transformative president in the Reagan mold,” said a former Obama adviser, “who leaves his stamp on America and the world for decades to come.”

    Mission accomplished!

    The article laid things out nicely but it finished with a question. Why did Obama choose to act this way?

    I will ask another, absent Flynn, would the Russian Collusion coup attempt still have happened?

    The answer is, yes. This is important because while Obama went after Flynn as detailed, Flynn was just at the confluence of many systematic abuses of power. Obama’s use of government powers to spy and persecute Americans was not limited to Flynn.

    During the IRS scandal, where Obama targeted Tea Party groups, he also went after prolife and Jewish groups. He Also spied on reporters and Senators.

    Obama’s corruption was not limited to any one issue but rather a core part of how he operated and created a tangled web of connected and unconnected people and issues. Flynn was caught up in multiple Obama plots and should any real investigations be done, we will see Obama abused his powers on big issues and little issues, that the corruption was all encompassing of the administration’s activities.

    At the heart of everything are carefully crafted deceits, corrupt acts, and ill intent founded in hating the USA as it is perceived by progressive Marxists.

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