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  1. We have been in several wars for quite some time now. Poverty, Drugs, Crime, and Terror to name a few. Overturning an election gives comfort to our enemies in all of these wars. A good lawyer should be able to tie that together. A couple deep-state actors who think they are above the law would look good hanging from a lamp post. Or if you need someone to throw the switch for the chair, I am available and willing to do that job.

  2. Link is broken, but story is here. I gather Rand was attempting to quote this:

    The secret war the Obama White House declared on Trump before he was even elected, was a war on America. Several years prior to the 2016 election, Obama had begun using the intelligence agencies to spy on his Republican opponents. This was a direct attack on the most fundamental institution of our democracy – elections. It was a much more destructive interference in the electoral process than anything attempted by the Russians. The subsequent cynical attempts to frame Trump as a traitor and then to impeach him for concocted offenses is without precedent. Because they were attacks on our democracy itself, Obamagate is the worst political crime committed against our country in its entire history. The culprits involved need to be exposed and prosecuted, so that – in the words of President Trump – this never happens to another American occupant of the White House.

    The problem with this narrative is where is the Trump Administration in this? For example, he has the power to fire people and to throw considerable resources at government wrong-doing. I see just a handful of firings and this slow trickle of information. If it’s the worst political crime ever, then why is Trump sitting on his hands?

    1. For three years, Trump was the target of bogus congressional and special prosecutor investigations leading up to the sham impeachment. The very coup attempt tied his hands. Very soon after that, there was the pandemic. He has been constrained by events beyond his control.

    2. Consider that one of the main goals of progressive Marxists is to destroy the appreciation people have for our country, culture, and institutions so that the old system can be swept away and a new progressive Marxist system put in its place. It is easy to do with other progressive marxists through woke brainwashing but how to turn normal Americans against their own country?

      Normals support law enforcement? Turn law enforcement against the normals. Normals support the military? Force the military to adhere to progressive Marxist ideology. Where ever Obama could, he tried to reshape normal Americans perceptions of our government, society, and culture. Progressive Marxists were already wanting revolution but to get one, they have to make the normals want one too.

  3. Prove it.
    I’m surprised after all the
    1. “Hillary is corrupt and here’s what she’s been doing”.
    2. “The walls are closing in on Trump”.
    both of which turned out to be wet squibs.

    Now were getting a new set of clickbait “bombshells”. Web addicts are floating in a miasma of lies, half truths and imaginary conspiracies. When the indictments come, assuming they ever do, then things will “get real”. Until then it’s just so much noise.

    1. Is Hillary not corrupt? Trump wasn’t spied on? Trump wasn’t in danger of being removed from office?

      I don’t know if anyone will be held accountable but that doesn’t mean that nothing happened. Proof has always been there for people who look at events for themselves rather than rely on the media.

      1. I have no doubt Hillary is corrupt, she’s just a smart enough lawyer and has the Democratic machine (including the high level FBI apparently) backing her up. The problem is that most of these people are smart lawyers and it’s going to be difficult to put them in jail. The Mafia couldn’t be cracked until the FBI went to the wiretaps.

        Trump managed to dodge a bullet when the SP went witch hunting looking for anything to take him out. Surprisingly, they didn’t manage to do it.

    2. In June or July of 2016, James Comey, FBI director at the time, said they found over 100 classified emails, in 36 chains, on Hilary’s unsecure server. That is at least 100 felonies. Possibly 200 to 300. They later let her off the hook by giving her assistant an email transcript from President Obama to her using a fake name. That has been her insurance policy up until now. With these new developments the past week or so, she may yet have to answer for her crimes. I am not holding my breath. This two-tiered legal system is getting old.

    3. I agree with Fenster. Platitudes and bombast is great for clicks, but it is bluster unless action is taken. People aren’t marching in the streets, and thus, politicians are acting accordingly. I prefer that not be the case.

      I’d like to see Hillary tried like the submariner that was imprisoned. I’d like to see the FBI agents that abused their power stripped of their pensions, financial wealth, respect, and spend time in jail as they have done with Gen. Flynn. I’d like to see Congress treat the accusations of the Obama Administration using government resources to spy on an opponent as seriously as they treated the threat of such behavior by Nixon, or the simple allegation of Russian behavior for Trump.

      But I’m not in the mood to remove Comey’s head and stick it on a pike as a warning to others. Are you? If you are ready to act, then fine. If not, then we will wait for the Durham investigation and continue this slow march.

  4. It seems the FBI has always been corrupt, and Obama has transformed the FBI into the most corrupt it’s ever been.
    And FBI seems so corrupt, that reached the point of no return. So it might thrash around for awhile, but it seems, we don’t need it.
    Defund it, and don’t bother replacing it.

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