I think people made too big a deal of that flipped congressional seat in California, because it was traditionally a Republican seat. But this is very interesting. If it’s any sign of Republican intensity this fall, it’s not good news for Democrats.

Staunton, by the way, is the location of Woodrow Wilson’s presidential library.

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4 thoughts on “Bellwethers”

  1. Well, Virginia Democrats have been particularly, um, exuberant in forcing their agenda through the legislature. That tends to get people riled up. They should have taken a page from the California Dems – go incremental and you will rule forever.

  2. Shenandoah Valley is really nice. I tried to buy a 50 acre property in adjacent mountains (as I am an old hillbilly), but events conspired to stop me, and I wound up finding a smaller property in Granville County, NC, on which to dispose of my decaying carcase.

    1. I think more that the passion in Virginia just isn’t echoed elsewhere. I don’t see six months as a particularly long time since the issues generating Virginian protests aren’t going away.

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