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  1. It’s not just Florida. If one compares the total “red state” deaths to “blue state” deaths, the red states have about 1/8th the number of total deaths as of a few days ago. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results, but something isn’t adding up. Either blue states are really pumping their death counts up or red states are covering their numbers up.

    1. the red states have about 1/8th the number of total deaths as of a few days ago.

      And NY accounts for 30% of total deaths in the US and 10% of the world count. Even accounting for China covering up numbers, it seems NY is a bit high. Only San Marino has a higher death per million population (but then their population is only 33,000). Belgium has half NY’s rate, but also half the population. Spain has twice the population of NY and 1/3rd the death rate.

      But hey, maybe the Democrats can replace Biden with Cuomo, because the latter would be such a better candidate this year…

  2. Is there anything to warmer, more humid weather being less favorable to the virus?

    1. That’s a good question. Everyone is hoping for this virus to fade away in the summer like what happens with the flu. However, I then read of cases in hot places like India and South America and wonder if the fade is going to happen. How much of that is due to lower quality health care? For a more even comparison, Australia went through their summer with few cases and deaths, so there’s hope.

      1. There’s strong evidence that Vitamin D levels play an important role in both who will catch the ChiCom Flu and how it will progress. The lower the level, the more susceptible one is and the worse the outcome. The higher the level, the more likely one will avoid catching it in the first place, and if one does, the more likely it will be no worse than regular flu or a nasty head cold.

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