False Flag

While we’re waiting to see if the weather will permit the launch…

Cops arrested four hundred people in Los Angeles last night.

Leo Terrell was on Hannity’s radio show yesterday, and sounding angry and (surprisingly) sane. He was lambasting the rioters and the Democrats.

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    1. Yeah, the people rioting are Democrats and it’s a host of Democrat groups organizing what happens. This is why the DNC media goes through every effort to prop up and defend the elected Democrats and violence, death, and destruction.

      1. It has been said by others with respect to the 9-11 attacks and in response to “why do they hate us”?

        “They don’t. This has nothing to do with you, me and the rest of us in America. It is struggle between different Near-Eastern and Middle-Eastern factions. The attack was one faction showing the other faction how tough they are.”

        Ben Wattenberg was a Democrat who opened my eyes about a number of things. He was willing to “take on” Paul Ehrlich of “Population Bomb” fame, which was the Ur environmental issue as our good friend Mr. Moore is pointing out. If you are an environmentalist, how can you not worry about the growth in our population consuming resources and impacting the environment, no matter how “green” we are? That Mr. Wattenberg took an optimistic side to population growth suggested to me that a lot more of the talking points of the Environmental Movement was Fake News.

        Ben Wattenberg also stood with the Chicago Police at the 1968 Convention. I mean, how can a right-thinking Democrat of all people defend the police in that? He pointed out that yes, the anti-war protesters at the convention were Democrats. He also pointed out that the rank-and-file police swinging the clubs and bloodying the protesters, were Democrats, too. His appeal was along the lines of “can’t we all get along if we are going to keep our Coalition and keep the Republicans out of the White House?” He was prophetic.

        The police are union and Democratic Party-aligned. What else is new. The Anti-Fa, what are they, Libertarian Trump-sympathetic Conservative Republicans? Of course, not. They too are Democrats.

        Does anyone think that there are (white) racial supremacist ultra right-wing people in this mix? I am not going to even suggest such are “good people” in any imaginable way, but those guys are not anywhere near these demonstrations accept maybe, just maybe, guarding their own businesses and property, Korean-American style.

        An one more thing. Someone showed a clip of the Chicago Police in 1968 entering the massed demonstrators and swinging their batons. What struck me (excuse the pun) was the looks not simply of pain but of astonishment, of “how could this be happening in America” on the battered protesters and their friends dressing their wounds. It’s happening, bro, and why are you just standing there in righteous indignation; why do you not, like, leave to come back and protest later so you don’t get hit on the head and start bleeding from a scalp laceration?

        The Anti-Fa people are just like that. What annoys me is not such much their violence, and there is that, but their mouth-agape wide-eyed astonishment when anyone pushes back. Coddled, intellectually impaired, naïve white people.

        1. Niall Ferguson has said that the ’68 DNC riot was a fight between middle class Democrats who went to college and got draft deferments versus working class Democrats who went to Vietnam and became policemen when they returned.

  1. Dunno Rand this scary individual you better hope is a republican or that civil war that some of your posters and linkees are looking forward to may be in a world of hurt if there more of him on the other side.

    Not so much with these clowns who are out for destruction and anarchy.

    But I guess leave my final remarks to a great man I can’t say it any better than this “Our country is totally fractured and, with our weak leadership in Washington, you can expect Ferguson type riots and looting in other places”.

    1. “Dunno Rand this scary individual you better hope is a republican”

      Why would anyone hope its a Republican?

      The violence started before this person broke any windows. No one knows who that person is despite the lynch mob going after people. There are plenty of white Democrats who have been engaged in violence.

      The people creating racial strife are Democrats. What they inculcate in people is so divergent from reality that it will take cult deprogramming to reach people.

    2. That scary individual didn’t look so scary to me, especially if anyone else that encountered him was armed…even with a baseball bat.

    3. Actually it is the scary individual who is out for anarchy and destruction. He and his ilk are trying to foment violence because they want to tear down our freedoms and put fascists in charge. The clowns are just looking for some fun and are very willing to be lead by the scary guys.

  2. I’m curious about the relationship between the police unions and the Democrat governments that foster unions. Chauvin had 18 complaints?! For a police officer three strikes is being generous. More to come.

  3. Um you talking about Chauvin ‘s Union Boss Bob Kroll. He quite enjoys the hand cuffs that Obama had put on his police officers being released to be instead being placed on criminals with his officers knees on their neck.

    1. Yes, Engineer, the police, the union leaders, the aggrieved members of the black community and even the Anti-Fa, all brother members of the greater Democratic Party Coalition.

      1. Um let not talk in generalities and try to lump people in historical boxes . We have specifics here the Minneapolis Police, their union and their union boss MR.Cops for Trump himself you may of seen him on fox and friends attacking his “coalition” partners in the city council.. So unless you saying him and Trump are the continuation of the George Wallace Democratic party. I don’t see how the Democrats are involved with this particular union leader to say otherwise is deflecting.

        1. Um, let us talk in generalities and lump people in historical boxes, because those boxes are called coalitions, and parties work by forging coalitions from individuals and groups with not perfectly aligned interests.

        2. The Um let not talk in generalities is missing my entire point.

          I am not saying the police are natural allies the protesters. I am saying the police are traditional coalition partners with the protesters, and that the Minneapolis Police is all Trumped up is further evidence of the fracture in the Democratic Party Coalition.

          Good riddance one may say, the police are in bed with the Bad Orange Man so who needs them, but purging them from the Democratic Party Coalition is not the formula for electoral success. If you won’t think of 1968, think of 1972.

  4. It’s clear this was planned. It was the FBI’s job to anticipate this kind of violence, particularly from a violent far left radical group like Antifa. Strangely, they seem to have failed for some reason.

  5. Mayors and Governors blaming the rioting on white supremacists. Steve Carell, Cinthia Nixon, Seth Rogan, etc. writing checks to fund their bail outs. Priceless.

    1. Just like every war, the bourgeoisie pays the dispossessed proletariat a pittance to take all the risks.

      1. I guess the proles could be paid nothing to do nothing. That’s better, right?

        1. How about not paying people to riot. Paying a danesgeld wont solve any problems either.

    2. When one of those bailed out commits more crimes; I’d like to see their underwriters held liable.

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