4 thoughts on “The Statues Coming Down”

  1. Last week the Bee ran a story about the protesters accidentally tearing down Joe Biden because they mistook him for a Confederate statue. That’s not far from the truth, given his long record of racist actions and statements such as bragging that Delaware was a slave state, accepting an award from George Wallace while heaping praise on him, firmly opposing integration and busing because he didn’t wan’t his kids to grow up in a “racial jungle”, referring to blacks as violent thugs, and leading the effort and authoring the legislation to lock up as many of them as possible.

    Last week I saw an amusing video from CHAZ where two black women lectured some white Antifa types about why there was no way on God’s Earth that they would even consider voting for Joe Biden, and the white guys had no reply at all.

  2. Need to start referring to what was Capitol Hill in Seattle as Bidenville.

    The past 4 months have been a free sample of what the Democrats want to inflict on the country should Gropey Joe get elected.

    1. Wastin away again here in Bidenville.
      Lookin for my lost narrative point.
      Some people say my wife’s locked me away.
      But I know, it’s my own party’s fault.

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