4 thoughts on “Leaving The Cities”

  1. Ann Althouse mentioned leaving Madison because of the protest. She even shot a gun for the first time in her life last week. For those wanting to move; I have only request: Don’t.

    Texans have seen you people move into Austin and San Antonio because they are big enough urban areas and far enough from the coast to limit the normally oppressive Texas humidity. But you’ve turned those cities into the cities you left. I’m sure folks in Colorado and Florida can make similar points. How about this time, you stay and clean up the mess in your cities.

    1. She might be able to handle Texas, but when you remind city folk in the midwest that the city does not remove your snow, their story changes.

      1. How about having transportation system under snow and ground.
        Can live above the ground, but roads are underground.
        Can have walking trails and bike paths above ground, but anything travelling fast travels underground.

        1. City own everything below 30 meter underground. City can lease any property which they own 30 meter under ground.
          So, can have private parking, stores, or whatever. City never going take property or endanger property 30 meters to the surface.
          All city roads and infrastructure is under ground. Airports and starports will be outside city limits. And have underground roads to them.

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