17 thoughts on “Surrounded By Failure”

  1. Because media and government schools have spent decades telling them how wonderful government is. After twenty-plus years of indoctrination, it’s hard to convince people that they’re wrong.

  2. People don’t see what led to the failures so they can be convinced the solution is more of the same. In principle I would like every government office to be open to any citizen who wants to walk in and watch.

  3. “…why do people still believe in government?”

    Three reasons:

    1) They didn’t do it right the last time; next time will be different

    2) It failed because humans failed The Plan – The Plan was perfect.

    3) I’m much smarter than all of you and I know how to do it right.

    1. They didn’t do it right the last time; next time will be different

      As a lifelong Cubs fan, I’m guilty of saying “This year will be different” for many year 🙂

    2. 4) I know my neighbors and they are stupid and evil people, unlike the nice experts from the far away central government. (Oikophobia in all it’s finest)

  4. Actually there’s a 4th reason:

    4) Ig I get the government to do it then I have the force of the government behind me and I can MAKE people do what I want, or they will be thrown int he Gulag.

    Since I can’t win an argument and be persuasive, I’ll just force people to do what I want.

  5. The lockdown article missed a few things. The US *did not* take a one size fits all approach, and we have President Trump to thank for that. Anthony Fauci erroneously thought was was good for New York City was equally applicable to Billings Montana, but President Trump knew otherwise and fought the one-size-fits all approach. Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, and the other Muslim socialist democrat perpetrators of the COVID hoax are still trying to force a one-size fits all approach vis a vis federal mandate on mask (burka) wearing.

    The author also says we could have worn masks to flatten the curve, whereas all the data shows masks do nothing to limit the spread and induce near hypoxia in the wearers (on top of being an absolute forfeiture of our freedom and rights). Kind of a miss for PJ media. Bob Zimmerman’s site and The Epoch Times have the real data on mask wearing.

    1. Do you have some quick links on the mask-wearing data?

      I am really curious about mask effectiveness given the absence of N-95’s.

      I know they can be uncomfortable for extended wear, but I don’t think I am ever again getting on an airliner with anything less, even if there is a Corona Virus vaccine.

  6. The author of the first article really needs to find a better example of how horrible the tariffs on EU goods are. Complaining about high prices of EU wine, cheese, and olives sounds far more elitist than just about any other examples she could have picked.

      1. Yeah, it just really astounds me how completely in a bubble many of the political think tank people are. Even the ones I agree with on many issues seem to never have experienced how anybody but the top 0.5% live.

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