4 thoughts on “Biden”

    1. Married all these years and your wife still doesn’t know when it’s best not to ask? Or you when to lie? 🙂

      1. There are lots of reasons why I’m on wife #3 (four, if you count the Great Intermarital POSSLQ), but not knowing when to lie is foremost among them. For her part, we met at a company where she was office manager and I was head of IT, and soon noticed we were the only ones laughing at the idiocy around us.

  1. Chandra Prescod Weinstein is the most obnoxious and toxic human I know of, she also checks the boxes for most marginalized. Black Jew gender nonbinary queer Muslim…just to name a few

    He should nominate her – it’s like 10 terrible people in one terrible package.

    (She doensn’t identfy as a she, BTW)

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