A Message To Newsom And Garcetti

Despite the threat of a $50K fine, the fireworks across LA basin were continuous last night as we ate ribs on the upstairs patio. It was a better display than the cities ever put on. I have no idea where the fireworks came from, because I’m sure they’re all illegal for personal possession in California. Maybe they were contraband from Nevada or Arizona. There wasn’t a lot of breeze overnight, and it was still smoky when we got up. I love the phrase “News Karens.”

I hope this massive public disobedience is a harbinger for the election.

[Update a few minutes later]

It wasn’t just LA.

10 thoughts on “A Message To Newsom And Garcetti”

  1. I am impressed. This was a clear and massive show of defiance in about the last place I’d expect.

    I’ve been hearing of similar in other oppressed cities.

  2. The Indian reservations around So Cal sell everything, as does Mexico. You don’t have to go far to get them.

    I don’t recall Arizona having more liberal fireworks laws, but New Mexico has huge stores along the I-10 open year-round. I used to stop and stock up when driving back from the X PRIZE Cups.

  3. What is the light that enters the frame at top left at 36 seconds? Another helicopter? Moving pretty fast whatever it is.

    1. Tough to tell how fast or if it is moving but it could be someone getting a nice drone shot?

  4. Good for Cali. On a side note in my part of Kansas City there were more fireworks going than any I can remember in recent history, and no public shows that I’m aware of.

    My theory is that money that would have gone to a vacation went to fireworks instead.

  5. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing here in Pasadena last night. For 6 hours. All private “illegal” fireworks – the loudest 4th of July ever, and the best.

  6. Here in Virginia Beach we had three kinds of fireworks.

    The illegal ones.

    The BLM protest.

    All the people fracked off at the local constabulary when they couldn’t get home/to work because of the closed eastbound streets.

  7. Maybe if the cities hadn’t defunded the police, they’d have a mechanism to enforce the $50K fine.

  8. People celebrating independence like this must send shivers up the spines of Democrats.

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