The Cultural Revolution Continues

Thoughts from Jonathan Turley on canceling Steven Pinker.

[Update a while later]

The Woke mob’s “reign of terror” moment.

[Afternoon update]

Bob Zimmerman is genuinely concerned that genocide is coming to America.

There are still a few people alive who remember what happened in Germany in the thirties, and no one in the twenties could have imagined it could happen. The irony, of course, is that the people most likely to do this think that Trump is Hitler.

10 thoughts on “The Cultural Revolution Continues”

  1. But with country with gun arsenal, it seems you only get faint echo of French terror.
    Probably going to somehow land on some country which is not armed to the teeth.
    Meanwhile, it seems Dems continue to lose.
    I think going to leave some large craters in our sacred unions. And we going to get a lot more school choice.
    All good.

  2. If someone had tried to tell me that I would live to see the Supreme Court cancel Oklahoma, I wouldn’t have believed it (but I would have really hoped.)

  3. Kristallnacht: “…The German authorities looked on without intervening.” Yes, there are similarities to the 1930’s Germany.

    1. The West today is basically Weimar 2.0, though some parts are more Weimar than others; the culture is full of degeneracy, Antifa are rioting in the streets and the government is doing little to stop them.

      In Weimar 1.0, the people grew so fed up that they were willing to support anyone who promised to save them.

      So if Antifa want another Hitler… this is how they got Hitler last time.

      Let’s hope it doesn’t go that far this time.

  4. What Bob wrote about is a very real concern. While some might say we are being backed into a race war, it remains that many decent people who are not blinded liberal democrats are facing a stark choice. Fight or die.

    The BLM race warmongers are ensuring racism and hatred by their very actions. Is it really wrong to hate despicable lies and brutal treatment from BLM and their ilk? It is unwise of the black 13.4% of the population to go to war with the 60.4% that is white. Even if half are liberal, that is still more than two to one.

    1. The Democrats are desperate to start a race war before the election, because they need something bad to use against Trump.

      But Americans are some of the least racist people on the planet, so they’re not falling for it; if anything, the race-baiters are pushing non-whites in America toward Trump because the Democrats are clearly insane.

    2. Ironically, the fact that conservative aren’t taking any actions are a sign that conservatives are extremely racist, in that the BLM narrative is probably being written by David Duke to set blacks back to the 1920’s, and at this point we’re just nodding and waiting to bask in all the schadenfreude. Sure, we could all explain why the woke movement is essentially leading a mob of looters on the Titanic, insisting that the ship’s safe (filled with gold) is down in the bilges, while we think “Well, the oxygen thieves are freeing up a lot of lifeboat space. I will spectate, cluck my tongue, and perhaps years from now write a moving “letter to the editor” about these absolute morons.”

      As Candace Owens said “Congratulations! You’ve just assured 60 more years of black poverty!”

      1. There is that. BLM is driving those who can afford it away from the Democrat-run cities, which means their economies and tax base will implode. Those who can’t leave won’t like that much.

        I remember in the 90s being driven through the area where the LA riots had happened a year or two before, and we drove for what seemed like miles past apparently abandoned buildings. The way things are going, that’ll be every Democrat-run city soon.

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