5 thoughts on “Another Scalp At The NYT”

  1. Her resignation letter was beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking…and terrifying.

    But then, the NYT has not been very credible even on news reporting since the 1930s, and ever since its open adoption of fabricating “facts” in its reportage (after President Trump took office), nothing it prints is worth considering as factual. It’s an Onion without a sense of humor.

    1. Yes, she’ll be fine. She didn’t take that job because she needed the job. She took it because she thought she could help the Gray Lady. She realized now that she was wrong.

  2. In other news, Andrew “the gay gynecologist” Sullivan is leaving New Yorker magazine. NYC is no place for anyone to the right of Lenin.

    1. Since the Duke of York was a slave trader, New York City needs a name change. Since he didn’t own any slaves (if you don’t count being the head of the government which created the gulag), how about New Leningrad?

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