5 thoughts on “Dear White Parents”

  1. The left know they’re doomed if they lose control of public indoctrination. The more parents who take their kids out of schools, the less Marxists there will be in future generations.

    By closing schools to try to hurt Trump, they’re destroying their greatest weapon against the right. Marxists have few if any kids, so Marxism can only reproduce through schools.

  2. The topic of graft is a common one here among the space nerds and NASA has a budget half as large and the Department of Education. How bad must the graft be there? It must be especially bad since education is ideological and dollars will flow to ideological causes and contractors rather than those just wanting more money like NASA’s government contractors.

    1. Meant this ^^ for the other thread.

      On this topic, hate to see that Democrats see something that is successful and claim it is racist and must be done away with rather than wanting all people to emulate it and achieve success for themselves and their families. People will fail and suffer by doing what the Democrats want, is this intentional or unintentional?

      1. Success is relative. Someone who makes a career of downplaying the success of others isn’t going to be committed to helping others succeed.

  3. As I have said many times, this same principle will be applied to “Medicare For All” since in order to be “fair share” oriented and opposed to racist advantages all supplemental insurance or cost sharing plans outside the government mandated system would have to be abolished and prohibited by law. Social justice demands that the affluent must die off in ratios appropriate to their proportion of the population. Until deaths have leveled the playing field to a uniform level of poverty.

    I can’t think of public policy worse than that of coupling stupid with evil. It’s the pursuit of happiness not the guarantor of outcome. If “pods” are successful then the model should be disseminated not denigrated. The quickest way to do that among the disenfranchised is through school vouchers just like they do in Europe, but nope! Can’t do that here!

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