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  1. For the first time ever, I understand people not wanting to live in New York.
    Karol Markowicz. One can assume she gets paid for writing stuff. “You need to get out more” just seems so inadequate.

  2. I can only hope the NYC refugees aren’t like the liberal locusts from California. When I moved to Colorado in 1985, I saw bumper stickers that read, “Don’t Californicate Colorado”. By the time I moved away in 2012, they had.

  3. Anyone willfully STUPID enough to want to return to NYC to live should be locked in with the rest of the inmates…

  4. I’ve always detested city living, and NYC would IMHO be even worse than most, even without the fascist lefty idiocy.

    I’ve been there a few times, just for a couple of days each time. I enjoyed it, but no way in heck would I want to live there – especially lately.

    1. Oh, it was quite a fun adventure back in the day (late ‘90s), getting stopped-n-frisked down by NYU, hanging on the stoop with the homies in Brooklyn, rollerblading in Central Park (rollerdancing until Giuliani shut it down), seeing all the Rodin sculptures in the WTC, dancing in the street during the Labor Day parade, getting mugged on the Upper West Side, Model UNs, learning of the Atlantic Ave subway pipe bomb plot, the serenity of the Cloisters, and so much more. It is an adventure to be sure, and one I recommend to all youngsters, because if you can make it there…

  5. “Second, the protests have turned into riots. They must be put down. This is no longer about free speech.”

    They never were about free speech. Let’s pierce the bubble. Let’s break the 4th wall. There is no reason anyone has to willfully participate in the theater.

  6. Someone – I no longer recall whom – once called New York City “the great unflushed toilet of Western Civilization.” Having been there, briefly, on a few occasions in “the bad old days,” I entirely agree. Things have, it seems, gone back to being even worse than they were before Giuliani and Bloomberg temporarily shaped things up.

    So what interests me, in the wake of this utterly predictable – and likely irreversible – bug-out of which the Gothamite author complains, is what the political effects will be on New York state as a whole.

    The best one can hope for is probably a replay of what happened to Michigan after the Detroit riots of the late 60s. In that case, the lopsidedly largest, and most lefty, city in the state lost 2/3 of its population incrementally. This did nothing helpful for said city, but for the state as a whole, it put the state back in political play after decades as a Democratic fastness.

    It also accelerated the decline in the size of the state’s Congressional delegation as seats were incrementally removed from same after each census. New York has long seen this same effect as the regions outside NYC have emptied out or stagnated.

    Now that NYC is also bleeding population furiously, the effect may be sped up, depending upon how far the average escapee has fled.

    Even if average refugee NYC-ers have simply relocated within the state, this may result in at least a marginal diminution of Democratic dominance of the state legislature and the Congressional delegation. We’ll be seeing whatever the prompt effects are by 2022 when new boundaries are drawn for the reduced number of NY Congressional districts.

    If the reduction in districts hits NYC proportionally harder than the rest of the state – as seems likely – we should be treated, in 2022, to a radical progressive game of musical chairs in NYC which may – one hopes – include the removal of AOC both from office and from influence on the U.S. political culture.

    1. But the net effect of all of this could very well simply create new AOC’s in other states. The “Californication” of Austin, TX for example is well under way and that is not just me saying this it is a lot of Texas Republicans including the governor. I actually think from a Texas Republican standpoint it would have been far better for Elon to put his Tesla gigafactory in Tulsa instead of Austin(I think Texas Governor Abbott a well known critic of Austin was putting on a very brave face when he praised Tesla’s decision). The people who run Austin nowadays are almost no different than those in Alameda and LA County, CA. Texas Republicans need new population influxes in places like Amarillo and Lubbock not Austin.

      1. I saw too that the Superintendent of Brownsville, TX recently was indicted for bribery and corruption. SpaceX must feel right at home as if they never left Hawthorne/Inglewood.


        Too many people here want to go back to the “golden era” of places like Lakewood, CA circa 1965 not realizing that Lakewood was a scam by a bunch of home builders/construction companies using poor quality building materials and methods and not giving a shit after the property was sold and laughing all the way to the bank counting the money in a Rancho Palos Verdes mansion(You didn’t actually think “they” would themselves live in Lakewood). These North Dallas suburbs attracting conservative California refugees are just the same old scam and already showing signs of going the same way as numerous formerly middle class California suburbs.

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