8 thoughts on “Buying Clothing”

  1. obviously buying clothes isn’t going to COMPLETELY disappear, as clothes wear out.

    and honestly there are still a lot of people whose jobs can’t be done at home, and the idea that nobody’s goign to want to ever go out socially agian is pretty silly.

    Me, I’m actually buying a bunch of stuff this summer becuase I happen to have a bunch of clothes that need to be replaced. I’m doing some of it online but some of it in stores, because you can’t beat trying stuff on in the fitting room.

  2. Suits and neck stranglers are out. My niece was laid off from Men’s Warehouse, and I’ve read that Men’s Warehouse/Joseph Bank are circling the drain.

    I’m enjoying wearing shorts while in WFH mode. The afternoon glass of wine is a nice touch too.

  3. I stopped wearing ties to work about 25 years ago, only retaining some for special occasions (like my third wedding). A few days after I retired, I dropped off my suits and sport coats at Goodwill. But then this morning I found a box with 20 more ties in it, some dating back to the 1960s…

  4. Well … I think it depends.

    When I want clothes I order them, by size, online and they fit.

    But the women in my life tell me that they cannot do that. The actual cut for a given set of size parameters differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. They HAVE to try them on to see if they really fit.

    So while that’s not altogether possible these days, I suspect there may be an avenue for brick and mortar clothes stores.

    I will also say that if a guy wants a suit to fit correctly, quite often it needs to be made.

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