6 thoughts on “Trump Was The Target”

  1. Further proof is that it took so long to pry these documents out. It was a cover-up.

    IF this wasn’t pure malicious politics and an attempt to rig the election, malicious, there were in fact actual reasons to investigate a presidential candidate for Russian connections. Like, the candidate’s campaign chair being on the board of a Russian company that is deeply linked with Putin, and also having received a large amount of money from the Russians. As did the candidate, and the candidate having many other Russian connections. Not Trump though – Hillary. The fact she was not also investigated proves this to be the political sham it was – a criminal attempt from top to bottom.

    Trump has done himself no favors with his occasional kind words for Putin, but if that’s cause for suspicion, then surely we ought to be investigating the many Democrats who blatantly shill for China (like Joe Biden, to name just one). And in Biden’s case, there is also a huge financial aspect.

    1. There is the story of John McCain leading a “town hall” where he expressed enthusiasm for the Syrian rebels, and a woman came up to him afterwards to speak truth to his enthusiasm, explaining that her genealogy traces back to the first century. There is something about Senator McCain that he didn’t take kindly to being corrected or differed with on such things.

      Mr. Putin in backing Mr. Assad, bless both of their black little hearts, have positioned themselves as defenders of that lady’s family back in Syria. We are talking about families of the first Christians, people at a very real risk of being wiped out. People who attack Mr. Trump for having a diplomatic word to say about Mr. Putin are either deeply ignorant or they are filled with hate.

    2. . The fact she was not also investigated proves this to be the political sham it was – a criminal attempt from top to bottom.

      Fully agree. The moment Mueller stated she wasn’t part of the investigation is when then AG Sessions should have stepped back in. An investigation shouldn’t begin with a conclusion that the Russians were only interested in helping Trump, particularly when there was absolutely no evidence for this conclusion. The dossier has not only been proven to be bogus, but was known to be bogus amongst the investigators before Mueller even came aboard. It was a political hit piece using taxpayer dollars to fill the pockets of loyalist Democrat bureaucrats. They should be in jail now for that alone.

      1. Facebook and Twitter allowed reseaechers access to data from the election but they cut this access off after the researchers started reporting how effective Russia was at organizing irl protests for Democrats along with all of their pro-Hillary botnets.

        Russia ran an operation that supported all the candidates in an effort to create chaos, as if we need any help.

  2. What Obama did before the election was 100 times worse than Nixon did in Watergate. What happened afterwards was nothing short of a coup attempt. Nearly four years later and no one has even been indicted, cementing the US as a banana republic.

  3. Worst thing is that this isn’t even going to impact 2020, unless John Durham is somehow able to indict Joe Biden, or almost. Whoever he does indict, however high up, Democrats will just write them off without a second thought and say, What does this have to do with anything – Trump Bad!!
    Still, it would be good if they can punish some serious people. Maybe someone will think twice about doing it next time.

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