Baby, please come back.

This virus has been like a wildfire, sweeping through education, academia, and blue cities. It took technological and social trends that were already happening, and rapidly accelerated them, and now they’re smoldering ashes. I don’t think any of them will ever be the same again. And that’s not a bad thing.

4 thoughts on “Cuomo”

  1. Said otherwise, the utterly unexpected result of treating a certain category of people as a mix between enemy and chattel makes them inclined to leave.

    I also suspect that retirees might possibly be thinking of relocating – those that survived Cuomo’s mass-murder of them, anyway.

    So now, Cuomo thinks he can cajole those who left into moving back to NYC, a city where he doesn’t live either.

  2. The top 1% of taxpayers pay 46-50% of taxes, so of course Cuomo wants them to come back so he can fleece them some more. Unfortunately for him, those people have the money to move to where they won’t be fleeced so badly. Imagine that.

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