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  1. But you have a lot of older and wiser dem who vote, and their choice has to do with sentimental reasons- or No Facts Matter.

    1. Or more to the point, “less likely to vote for Biden” and “not going to vote for Biden” are two different things. And Biden knows it. Once >90% of a group vote Democrat, they can safely ignore that group.

  2. I can’t see why they would. There is nobody Republicans could put forward that has as bad a record she has in wrongful convictions for petty crimes. If she was a Republican, she would be on every BLM poster. She is why Kanye is a threat to Democrats.

  3. Well, as the meme says “Kamala Harris has the black vote locked up.” ^_^

    I didn’t even suspect she was black until she made it a major campaign issue. I’d have never guessed it.

    Interestingly, her family once owned two slaves named Sambo at the same time. I would think most folks would have been content to just own one Sambo, but apparently not her folks. They also named a bunch of their slaves after Roman era emperors and officials, so they had a Caesar, Cicero, Hannibal, Virgil. It’s like her family was trying to make a Planet of the Apes collector set.

    Plus, it might be hard for her to argue that she wants an America where her children won’t be discriminated against or profiled by police because her children are elite Swedish-Jewish Hollywood-connected Americans, kind of like Scarlet Johansson.

    1. Her family and employment backgrounds are so at odds with the animating ideology destroying our cities from coast to coast that it is hard to imagine her getting many votes.

  4. That Rassmussen poll is shocking. If it’s anywhere near accurate, this is huge (or, yuge…). The reason is that Democrats can usually count on in excess of 90% of the black vote. It’s also often calculated that they *have* to get in excess of 80% to run competitively nationally, hence why 20% going for a Republican is considered the “drop-dead number” by most analysts.

    So, what stood out to me the most was 25% of blacks strongly approve of Trump. Strong approval tends to be a lot less than actual vote percentage, so, that number is, if it persists and is anywhere near accurate, a legitimate cause of panic for Democrats.

    As for Harris, yeah, her record for wrongful prosecution, keeping people in jail even after prosecutorial misconduct was proven, etc, etc, makes her an anathema to many.

    However, maybe the the reason the Biden campaign picked Harris is they’re going for the sex-worker vote?

  5. The myth of the Great Switch is based off an interview with Lee Atwater. In this interview, he talked about appealing to voters on many other issues than race, like taxes, the economy, and national defense. He knew the South was changing both in attitudes toward race and ecconomically and as it improved in both of these areas, voters would respond to the Republican message.

    It took a few decades, but he was shown right as a more prosperous South started electing Republicans.

    What is always ignored, because it doesn’t support the Great Switch scam, is that he said the same message would appeal to black people as they became more prosperous.

    The Democrats are making a race based appeal to minorities backed by Marxist economic policies and an objectively unpatriotic portrayal of our country but a lot of minorities love our country they have been in our military, traveled the world to see how other countries suck, seen their lives improve in comparison to their recent ancestors, and have the internet to be exposed to new ideas and read about events outside of the bias of the DNC media.

    Skin color doesn’t determine your ideology and voting patterns change. We might be seeing the first shift in a longer trend.

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