4 thoughts on “New Drugs”

  1. One day we may find that the covid outrage was just a means to line the pockets of big pharma and the politicians that support it. The rest of the world will realize that Zync, HCQ, and Z-pack was already readily available, off-the-shelf in many countries, and sufficient. It is really easy to notice that countries where malaria is typical have the lowest covid morbidity rates.

  2. OTOH having newly discovered cholorquine phosphate my fish tank has never been cleaner. In other A Fish Culled by Wanda stories: still no details from Mesa City Police about the investigation into the possible murder of Gary Lenius at the hands of his wife Wanda Lenius. Apparently, according to a story in the Washington Free Beacon, let’s just say their domestic relations, like stale fish tank water, were a little murky. But apparently Gary’s final “Vitamin Cocktail” as prepared by Wanda obviated the need for any more. No word on any life insurance payouts at this time…


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