2 thoughts on “American Rocketry”

  1. “The secret is freedom, and the willingness to let people alone to do what they want. ”
    “We need only the courage to let it happen.”
    It seems the entire purpose of law should to allow it to happen.
    It is the law of the land, but there is the failure to follow the law.

    And you have the stupid {evil} politicians with nanny state mentality, one can call this socialism. One can say it’s mostly Dems.
    The “transformation of America” is to take a left turn and not to allow freedom.
    But one could have socialism/communism but it can’t based upon robbery, rather has to be based upon freedom.
    One say the idea that one can have socialism and be at war with other people who not socialists, is simply going in the wrong direction. Or idea one has take over entire world order to have socialism, is insane. But one could have socialism “part of our world”. Or one say it is already part of world.

  2. I think having Mars settlements would be an indication of amount freedom we have – OR that Mars settlements are not at this time {due to nature of Mars] not viable. That we don’t know the extent of whether Mars could be viable is bad sign of our lack of freedom.
    Of course, that don’t even know whether there is mineable lunar a worst sign of our general state of lacking freedom.
    For decades I have wondered why we don’t already lunar bases and such things- I didn’t know anything about, and wasn’t particularly interested in topic, rather it’s “what the problem”.
    Recently, I have been wondering what problem with ocean settlements, and it seems at the moment that was fairly easy to get answer that question. One could say it has to with laws and of course with stupid politicans. But that really the answer to any such question.
    With issue of Space, other than stupid politicans, the problem seems to related to cheap access to space {CATS}. And one also call that more freedom to go to space. Which is related to markets in space.

    With ocean settlements the lack of markets didn’t seem like an obvious problem. But lately it seems to me it also could be said to be lack of markets. And the key ocean settlements is having breakwaters, and so, it seems the problem is a lack of market for breakwaters.
    One could say the main problem is governments do breakwaters. And like roads {and everything government does}, it’s basically similar to primitive pre-stone age technology.
    So rather idea using endless amount of landfill, it seems breakwaters should be floating.
    So we have land development, and ocean development starts with floating breakwaters. Though floating breakwater are going to have enemies, it seems surfers are going to protest. And one has water parks which go to the trouble making waves because people like them.
    Making wave for ocean settlement for surfing purposes seems expensive. Hmm. Come to think about it, maybe not that expensive- you use breakwaters which funnel and cause wave to go into shallower water using underwater liner. But first have make floating breakwater cheaper using markets and competition. But at some point making surfer waves could be just part the breakwater in the ocean.

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