11 thoughts on “The Next Grain Silo Flies”

  1. It reportedly broke a landing leg, so I’m guessing the fire may have been spilled hydraulic fluid.

    I think the legs are inadequate. They might need to handle some shock loading in the horizontal plane in case touchdown isn’t at exactly zero horizontal velocity.

      1. That’s what stumps me. An ad-hoc landing leg would be attached externally and be something between Hoppy’s giant pipes and Falcon 9’s more refined version. What they have doesn’t seem to be much of a pathway towards a final design, but more of a cute but compromised idea they’re playing with.

    1. Landing legs have crush blocks in them, which accounts for the lean, same as SN5. hydraulic leak is unlikely.. Legs are not even close to a final design, these were reported to be a variation on SN5’s legs..

      It’s 4 in the morning and the vehicle is still venting (presumably methane since that looks like what was burning after the landing). Unlikely this was part of the plan, but we are all guessing at telephoto video images.

  2. Have we considered the possibility that this might be real? In other words, that SpaceX really is developing rocket-powered grain silos? It’d certainly make delivering the things easier, and let’s face it, rocket-powered grain silos (and water towers) are an as-yet untapped market.

    1. Not to mention rocket powered LNG delivery. Of course rocket powered Ethanol delivery was the road not traveled. Probably regulatory issues there….

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