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  1. That’s what I have been doing for awhile now. I found the mobile version tougher to navigate, but the Visit Website option gives me exactly what I want.

  2. I think the Onion had it right.

    They described their mobile phone-friendly edition as “Smaller. And harder to read.”

    1. There are two mobile versions of the site. There must be a conflict between the theme and some other add-on.

      One of the mobile versions, which the site occasionally resets to, is a totally different theme. When this happens, I use the option on the site to load the desktop version but this loads the mobile version of the desktop theme. From here, there isn’t an option to load a desktop site. The only way I can get the actual desktop site to load is by requesting it from the options in my browser.

  3. I normally browse on an old Kindle Fire (literally, the 2012 version). The Visit Website menu item brings up a white square with nothing in it. Until a few days ago, the desktop version defaulted on the old Kindle (the fact that it’s still working well after 8 years shows how well they used to be made). Fortunately I have more modern devices. More crappily made, but what isn’t?

    1. The Silk browser on a 2020 Fire 8 works fine as well, so it’s just the antiquity of my 2012 Fire that’s at fault. It’s almost indestructible, I once dropped it tumbling onto a concrete floor, so hard the case burst open and the guts spilled out. Once reassembled, it not only still worked, it had been running when dropped and was still running when back in one piece. Once I dropped it hard on one edge and the accelerometer locked up. Throwing it against the nearest wall fixed it. Maybe if I run it over a few times with my truck…?

      1. I have a NuVision tablet running Win10 I bought a few years ago that normally sits in the slot of my bluetooth keyboard, and pretends to be a tiny laptop for web lookups when I’m writing. It brings up the desktop website by default in Chrome.

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