4 thoughts on “The Woke Dialectic”

      1. In general, I see three broad categories of people who are in favor of socialism. There are the true believers who dream of a fantasy world where everyone is equal and the skies are not cloudy all day. Many of them think they’ll be the ones calling the shots (and who gets shot). They make good foot soldiers and cannon fodder in the Revolution. Stalin referred to these people as Useful Idiots. They may succeed in overthrowing the existing order but are quickly and ruthlessly shoved aside by the sociopaths (Lenin, Staling, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.) who seize absolute power. The third category are the lazy who think socialism means not having to work and getting free stuff.

    1. “Litmus Test” Reasoning:
      Chinese were oppressed by Colonial Powers: +1 (Please do not consider that Imperial China has oppressed anybody within reach for millennia if they could)
      Chinese are “People of Color”: +1
      Chinese are ruled by the Chinese Communist Party: +100
      With a score that high they are obviously MegaPlusGood (supersedes Newspeak’s DoublePlusGood rating)

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