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  1. Question is:

    Does Trump have the stones to cut off Federal funding to self-professed seething hotbeds of racism?

    That would be something to see.

    1. He should. They also have one of the biggest endowments. Alas, they also produce tons of politicians that will be up in arms about such a thing.

      1. I’m afraid this is an easy one for Princeton’s lawyers. The federal civil rights laws don’t forbid “embedded racism”; they forbid discrimination on the basis of race. All Princeton’s lawyers have to do is say “Princeton’s embedded racism is demonstrated by the fact that Princeton does not discriminate on the basis of race.”

        Although there might be some Asian applicants to Princeton who would beg to differ with that …

          1. From the link:

            “Systemic and damaging racism at Princeton without any anyone actually having been discriminated against? Good luck claiming that.”

            Nonetheless, I’ll bet that’s exactly what they try. If “run out the clock” doesn’t work, of course.

    2. How about dissolve DoEd and all it’s funding. Put the schools back on the hook for craptacular loans for worthless, utterly worthless degrees. DoEd was a thankyou from Carter for putting him over the top. $

  2. Clearly, all the elite universities are awash in imbedded racism. Students go in colorblind, but graduate seeing race, race, and nothing but race. It’s as if the students had gone to a total-immersion summer camp run by the Aryan Nations or KKK, but one where the counselors refrained from explicitly pushing white power, contenting themselves with letting the obvious conclusions go unstated as long as the kids learned to see race as the overwhelming determinant of everything.

  3. I notice that many organizations and institutions declare racism in their midst….and they have been under lefty control for decades.

    So why hasn’t all this embedded racism been stamped out decades ago?

    Why aren’t decades-run-lefty-organizations the purest examples of love and acceptance on the face of the planet?

    The Virtue Signaling Princeton official was simply trying to be devoured last and it backfired.

    DeVos is doing very well.

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