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  1. To be fair, as the article itself states, no one knows how taxes work. It is not knowable given the current state of affairs.

    Obviously someone on the New York prosecutors office leaked the documents. Just as predicted. Second prediction: no one will go to jail for this, because Democrat.

    1. Or if they do, they’ll never see trial, because bed sheets and broom sticks*…

      *applied to video cams.

      1. I’ve never filled out a federal income tax return myself, because I think it’s incomprehensible to the human mind. I’ve always hired someone to do it.

        In the last few years, I’ve also run across several sources who report some version of the story Albert Einstein reportedly told a friend: that he couldn’t understand the federal income tax forms.

        I find that one borderline, given the rampant stories of Einstein having failed mathematics as a young student (he never did, he was always exceptional at math). The chain of evidence suggests that he might actually have said this. If so, I wouldn’t be surprised.

        Thank God for Turbotax.

        1. The thing about the tax return instructions is that it is a set of simple mathematical formulas but written down in a form only comprehensible to lawyers.

          I had an Electrical Engineering colleague who was collaborating on research with a group of vision psychologists, and I guess his end was to formulate vision models that the psychologists would test. Because of my collaboration with speech science researchers, he asked me, “What is it with people in those areas? They go on-and-on explaining something in their writing that could be written down in one equation.”

  2. The only story is Dems can’t find anything Trump did illegally. Trump is pure gold. No other pol meets this standard. Or Trump not like other politicians. So Trump should get four more years- or we want some President to work like manic for 4 more years. Maybe in future we find someone as great as Trump.

    I realize I was wrong, when I thought and said there should zero tax for space. It was dumb when I know that something like lunar water mining has to be a growth company and future value is important. But now that think about it, it is good idea, if zero taxes, it means Congress having a bigger hurtle to overcome in regards to adding more taxes directly relate to space related business- particularly as it relates to how much economic growth stupid politicans think “should be” related to markets in space.
    So, I guess I am fan of zero new taxes related to space mining or other space activity.
    Can get it such laws in Trump’s second term?

  3. The most powerful journalists in the world can’t find someone to explain tax law to them? They have sources that can illegally obtain tax records but not sources that can legally give expertise on tax regulations?

    Of course they can but they don’t because they are in the business of carefully crafting deceit, which Democrats love. Democrats know this is all illegal BS but they know that if a story is crafted just the right way, it will allow disbeielf to be suspended.

    A lot of people realize this but whenever consuming Democrat propagated propaganda, it is important to ask yourself, “Are you in on the joke or are you the joke?”

    It isn’t just Democrats who are the joke. People like Jonah Goldberg and Tom Ridge are also jokes.

    1. “It isn’t just Democrats who are the joke. People like Jonah Goldberg and Tom Ridge are also jokes.”

      Yeah, unfortunately.

    2. They can’t find a 10 yr old to explain the 1040 to them? Read the F’n instructions and don’t be afraid to leave blank lines if they don’t apply. In my experience, and I’ve done thousands, literally, of tax returns, 90%+ can do it at their dinner table in half an hour once they’ve gotten their W2s or 1099s.

  4. Rachael Maddow was on fire tonight. You see it isn’t that the Donald doesn’t pay anything in taxes. No No No. The narrative is that, assuming the NYT narrative is true, Trump is going or about to go broke. That in 2022 his personally secured loans become due. And that he’s using the presidency as a loan dodge, to prevent his lenders from foreclosing on the Presidency of the United States! Based on some concocted legal theory that prevents someone from going after him for civil damages. I don’t know if there is any case law here. But I’m skeptical that being the chief executive shields one from civil vs criminal actions. But according to Madlogic that’s the reason Trump will never concede. He has become the President solely to avoid bankruptcy and forfeiture of all his assets. Not to mention Pelosi’s claim that his precarious financial position makes him susceptible to foreign intrigue and blackmail. You know, FROM THE RUSSIANS! Of course this all presumes he works out a deal for himself before the end of his presidency in 2024 should he be re-elected this year. Now how this relates to anything in the real world is anyone’s guess. Like who really is in control of the Trump organization? Didn’t the Donald put all that into a trust when he became President? Rush Limbaugh has reported that Trump has not accepted one penny of his salary earned as President. Doesn’t sound like someone about to go broke. Well that’s the story of the day. And the angle to be worked going forward. Maybe Hunter Biden can help cut Trump a deal? You know, where money is made the old fashioned way….

    1. So, the only way Trump could avoid going bankrupt was to become the President of the USA? It is probably the most difficult job in the world to obtain, surely there are other more attainable means to make a couple hundred million.

      Probably better odds of winning the Powerball by buying a hundred million tickets than banking on becomming President.

    2. “He has become the President solely to avoid bankruptcy and forfeiture of all his assets. ”

      That’s a fascinating theory about someone who’s already declared bankruptcy four times.

    3. ” Of course this all presumes he works out a deal for himself before the end of his presidency in 2024 should he be re-elected this year.”

      Declare himself dictator for life, no doubt, according to Madcow. It’s not as if lefties haven’t been saying that already for four years.

  5. The whole article was to give Biden a line for the debate that Trump hasn’t paid taxes. This is the same stuff they had the FBI doing for the Russia Hoax.

    “Look, even the NYT is writing about this, so it must be true”.

    The problem is getting Biden to remember the line. Biden will have Chris Wallace helping him, which is a big reason to find something better to do tonight than watch the debate.

      1. I despise S-Corps and 501(c)(3)s. When those became a thing a whole lotta peeps came in and filed, thinking they were tax dodges.

    1. ” Biden will have Chris Wallace helping him, which is a big reason to find something better to do tonight than watch the debate.”

      I dunno. I’m betting that of the three most-likely choices (Biden cancels, it’s boring, and it’s lit), on choice 3, and I’m going to watch at least the beginning, with a bag of popcorn handy.

      1. We watched Caprica, Already know who I’m voting for, wife-unit likewise, so who gives a damn. Unless one of them was caught onstage with a dead woman or live boy in their bed, do not give a cluck.

  6. It’s interesting to me how so many “progressive” people are going Calvinist on this. Most of my adult life I have heard that Calvinism is the ideology of the White Middle Class, and my own personal experience is that this is true. But now some on the Left are mocking Trump for not being as wealthy as they assumed. “He’s not really all that rich, so he shoudn’t be president!” Weird.

    1. Witch Trial Logic: “If the Water drowns them (dead) or the Fire burns them (dead) then they are innocent (and still dead),” Win-Win for the person advancing this argument.

  7. One need not read Larry Correia’s drawn-out, potty-mouthed diatribe to know that it’s perfectly legal for Donald Trump or anybody else to take advantage of legal tax breaks. But that’s not the problem.

    If the years of losses showing on Trump’s returns accurately reflect his income, then he’s a flop as a businessman. That matters, because he sold himself as a brilliantly successful businessman who would use his Midas touch to turn the country around.

    If Trump has actually been successful but is legally able to massage the numbers into losses, then he’s just as much a mooch as the welfare recipients that he and his party love to demonize. He’s one of Mitt Romney’s 47-percenters. That really ought to matter right now, when he’s enjoying extraordinarily expensive healthcare on the taxpayer’s dime. And why didn’t he even try to close these loopholes in the tax reform bill that he’s so proud of?

    Then there’s the debt. He owes somebody — we don’t know who — over $400 million. That’s leverage, and it’s scary.

    Trump himself implicitly acknowledges there’s a big problem with his returns by fighting so hard to keep them secret, contrary to long-established bi-partisan tradition.

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