7 thoughts on “Donald The Orange”

  1. A confidential source also confirmed the Presidents staff, rarely seen outside of select meetings with foreign heads of state where the secret service detail is required to disarm, had gone missing. Its replacement, recently brought up from storage, has a distinctly different appearance, with detailed carving and detailed runeish engraving. When asked if the Presidents personal firearm, a shotgun the secret service has nicknamed “Glamdring”, had also gone missing the source declined to comment.

    The source also declined to comment on the rumors of a recent test of an age-old secret US-UK communication protocol. Conducted by a select group of the Presidents most trusted interns, and involving a network of deep sea ULF platforms, the test is rumored to have been a success. At its conclusion Boris Johnson is rumored to have uttered, in an unusually deep and gravely voice, “And Britain shall answer.”

  2. “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” –Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) in a personal letter on the widespread reporting of his being sick and dying.

  3. The man beat the plague and never stopped working. That should count for something but I’ve never seen the media so upset that a President didn’t die. It will be interesting if there will be a shift in Trump’s tenor.

  4. The left is already comparing the return to Triumph of Will.

    Yet nothing on the NYT about this.

    The right always gets accused of being the new coming national fascism, while the left actually behaves exactly like the Nazis, down to blasting Jews for the spread of disease and ordering through emergency powers that they be confined away from the public.

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