10 thoughts on “Stop Being Shocked”

  1. Weiss is all over the place in this essay…some describe her as conservative, in an interview with Joe Rogan she described herself as a “left-leaning centrist”, the Washington Post quotes her as saying she is a liberal uncomfortable with the excesses of left-wing culture, Vanity Fair describes her as a provocateur, and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency may sum it up best saying her writing “doesn’t lend itself easily to labels.”

    I think that she needs to take her own advice and stop being shocked. She seems naïve to politics, not that I am an expert on that topic by any stretch, she seems to be a true believer in classical liberalism, but how can anyone honestly be surprised that power and money will conquer every -ism ever defined? What education, what experience, sheltered her from that reality? Continues to shelter her from that reality?

    Certainly her complaints in this essay enable one to frame more honestly her recent resignation letter from the NYT. Not that she was dishonest by any stretch, but it does reinforce my belief that she is still quite disconnected from the real world.

    1. “What education, what experience, sheltered her from that reality? Continues to shelter her from that reality?”

      Identity, and that is the power of identity politics. In group out group is far more powerful than rational thought.

  2. What will she do when, as it becomes apparent in a few short weeks, that a vast majority of America prefers Trump’s populism, and that her odious impressions of Trump are not mainstream?

    More hand-wringing, I suppose. Her purported brand of liberalism is about as dead as libertarianism. The broth of political preference has boiled down to socialism vs. nationalism.

  3. Lot’s of Jews like her are surprised their open borders / socialism support is coming around to bite them? Honey just because you believe you are not white and therefore “oppressed” when Mohammed or Janquarious or Manuel look at you they see a rich white woman.

  4. It’s 1938 again. And, as then, too many Jews revile their actual allies, refuse to see what is coming and cleave, suicidally, to those who will shortly be erecting the camps and herding them in.

    1. The question is will there be more or less lefties crying.
      It seems Trump supporters desire a lot more lefty crying, but
      I think more lefties have known for months they are going to lose-
      so, we might get more fake crying, but very little of real left crying.

      And some confessions, that they knew all along.

  5. “The liberal worldview was one that recognized that there were things—indeed, the most important things—in life that were located outside of the realm of politics: friendships, art, music, family, love. ”

    When was the last time this was true, thirty years ago? So many of the things she believes haven’t been true for a very long time.

    All these decades, normalish Democrats have been mocking people on the right as paranoid but it turns out they should have been listening.

  6. The Democrats/Left are flaming hypocrites. Consider the reaction to replacing liberal icon RBG with conservative ACB. Oh you are disrespecting the legacy of Ginsburg by not nominating a lib to replace her. Remember when Antonia Scalia died? Nobody condemned Obama for not nominating a conservative unlike “moderate” (at best) Merrick Garland. Nobody accused Obama of not respecting the legacy of AS by electing a conservative who would respect Scalia’s legacy. Not that Obama or the dems did respect him or his legacy; especially not the Heller/Macdonald decisions. This whole thing fails Alan Dershowitz’s shoe on the other foot test.

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