My Deposition

Well, I survived it. I’m not going to discuss it, but the most amusing thing that happened was a screw up by his lawyer. He asked me if Michael Mann had ever done anything to me personally. I sat there for a minute, unable to believe that he’d actually asked me that, but then responded, “Counselor, I am sitting here today because your client filed a lawsuit against me eight years ago. It had my name on it. I’m pretty sure it was personal.” It cracked everyone up, including him, because he knew he’d screwed up. He then asked the question he meant to ask, modifying it with “…before you wrote the article?”

3 thoughts on “My Deposition”

  1. Good luck on this one, Rand. A lot of us have been watching this case since the beginning. It’s one of the worst examples of malicious lawfare and judicial misconduct. I know you can’t say anything, but I can: I hope that twisted little weasel Michael Mann gets what he deserves for this protracted tantrum over his hurt feelings. He’s done real harm to real people, and I’m sick of these monsters being able to police speech like this.

  2. Your brain must have been firing on all cylinders that day, usually people think of something witty afterwards.

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