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  1. Comments are a swamp. An “Alex G.” wrote:

    I became a fan of yours when I was in law school at UC Hastings in 2003. Your the best, for sure. But fuck…

    I got to be honest…I’m glad the press is ignoring this story. There’s just too much at stake. Biden might be losing his edge, his family might be trading in his name, but who gives a shit? The alternative is worse by light years.

    And yeah, I don’t trust the “people” out there to get it right. The “people” are rubes. Those idiots voted for this piece of shit once before, they’ll do it again, in a heartbeat.

    I think that illustrates much of the problem in a nutshell: the idea that the press needs to lie to us for our own good.

  2. I’m having a hard time as a member of the Rubes’ Academy trying to decide which news organization deserves the Vladimir Posner Integrity in Media Award this year…

    1. Silly, it is the Walter Duranty Integrity in Media Award.

      Maybe my dude-bro Mr. Posner is a Russian troll, but at least he knew where is loyalties were. Mr. Duranty, not so much.

  3. Oh, come on now. I’ve read the Wikipedia article on Biden, and all of this is “thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory.” What more do you need to know? It’s been thoroughly debunked, after all….

        1. Lately I’ve been enjoying Moe Howard’s appearances on the Michael Douglas show starting in 1970. I think I probably saw some of those when they aired.

          Youtube clip

          Moe did his first movie in 1908. It’s kind of odd to be able to see someone on a talk show discussing his early comedy routines given that his first movie was made 112 year ago.

          And across that entire span of time, the worst thing American has ever faced is apparently Donald Trump? The press has become embarrassingly ridiculous, a self-parody that even the Babylon Bee can’t top.

          1. As long as we’re on a stooge thread, the reference to “I Stooged to Conquer” is noteworthy. The Three Stooges’ 67th short feature film was titled They Stooge to Conga, and was about three inept repairmen who stumble on a Nazi spy den in the United States, and take it out – mostly due to their ineptness (it’s regarded as having the most violent Stooge scenes of all).

            The title is a play on words of She Stoops to Conquer. That, in turn, was the title of a comedy play by Oliver Goldsmith, which premiered in London in 1773. It has retained its appeal through the intervening years, becoming an icon of the theater that is still performed today (a short film of it was made in 2015).

            The only reason I bring it up is that in 1943, a silly trio of slapstick comedians could make a movie with a title parodying that of a play first performed 170 years earlier – and people would get the joke.

            It speaks volumes about the cultural gulf between 1943 and 2020. Virtually no one today would get the joke, because most Americans probably don’t know where (or what) London is, let alone what a “theater” is (outside of AMC), let alone what a “play” is – forget about icons of theater comedy from 247 years ago.

            I’m not sure why that is so striking to me, but it is.

          2. Thanks for that. Saved me from looking up ‘XYZZY Stood To Conquer.’ And if you don’t get the XYZZY reference, I can tell you are not from the computer hacking world of some 45 years ago.

    1. I remember the early Doonesbury as humor, the later version was (rightly) placed by the university student newspaper on the editorial page with the other political cartoons, and his last was just partisan drivel.

      Satire is hard. Funny satire is very hard. I had collections of Art Buchwald’s columns at one time — that was satire.

  4. Off topic, but the Navy has weighed in on the USA Today fact check of the Babylon Bee’s lunar Navy story.

    Perhaps this new development will lend some weight to Rand Paul/William Shatner’s arguments that the Space Force should use naval ranks.

  5. The Bee occasionally has fun at Mr. Trump’s expense, and this is such an occasion. I found the Bee’s satire, here, to be laugh-out-loud funny, and I found the fact checking of it to be just plain lame.

    In the satire, not only is the president jumping the gun on the indications that there may be water on the Moon, in some form, to proposing a Space Navy, Mr. Trump is shown in inset overseeing, not a Zodiac boat and some SEALs in space suits, but a full fledged aircraft carrier floating in a small lake inside a lunar crater. With airplanes on the deck, no less.

    Some people cannot get a joke when the joke is about the exaggerations that his political opponents constantly claim that he makes? OK, part of the joke is on the president’s opponents who perhaps exaggerate how much Mr. Trump exaggerates? But still.

    1. That’s the thing. It was obviously aimed at poking fun at Trump, so you’d think that folks who thought “Bush is stupid” jokes were the height of comedy might actually get it. Instead, we get brain dead “fact checks” of a joke. Talk about clueless.

    2. Apparently the French are in on the Space Navy proposal, as the picture shared by the Bee showed Rafale fighter aircraft lined up on the port side forward of the carrier!

      1. Yeah, there is a big push from the Progressive Marxists to censor everything right now. The Hunter Biden sex tapes and emails/texts detailing influence peddling are just the latest examples. But the op-ed wasn’t breaking anything new on the story, it was nearly all a criticism of the media. It was Greenwald being his usual Greenwald self, so it is surprising the editors got bent.

        What the quote in Karl’s comment emphasizes is that it isn’t the rando Progressive Marxists that the editors were responding to. The censorship isn’t a bottom up demand, it is a top down pogrom. Some of the audience likes it but what the audience wants is secondary to what those in control want.

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