Conservative Treehouse

…has been deplatformed by WordPress.

Bob Zimmerman has further thoughts.

I use WordPress software for all my blogs, but I don’t quite understand this. Were they actually using WordPress as a host? If so, while this is stupid, they could in fact simply find a new host. This sort of thing is why I lease my own server.

[Update a while later]

Zimmerman link is fixed, sorry.

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  1. “Were they actually using WordPress as a host? If so, while this is stupid, they could in fact simply find a new host. This sort of thing is why I lease my own server.”

    A lot of people didn’t know they could run their own host, or didn’t want to go to the effort.

    A lot of people also missed the purges a few years ago of gunbloggers and “adult” bloggers, too.

  2. I have several Word Press sites, all on a leased server. The issue with CTH and others is that makes it easy for a non-technical type to have a website.

    They don’t know that you can run your own WordPress site. Selecting and setting up a WP template is not (usually) hard, but it is time consuming, and I suspect CTH is a one-pony operation. Time spent futzing with the website is time not writing or researching all the good articles he has.

    Hiring it out might be an option depending on his budget/donations, or maybe someone will volunteer to set it up for him.

    The level of corporate censorship is becoming outrageous. Even companies like MailChimp are keeping the right from reaching out to its followers.

  3. I need to finish my tutorials. One of the more interesting hobbies I’ve developed over the past few years is messing around with linux.
    1. Learn linux
    2. Rent a server (Linode is recommended)
    3. Point your domain (Namecheap, though there may be better domain name managers out there) at the server
    4. Install and run the various Php software that formed the backbone of the 2000’s era internet. It isn’t terribly hard, and you’ll be somewhat protected from any but blatant Isp-level jamming.

    1. There is always a level that the synchronized shunning Olympics can escalate to to harm you, but hopefully you can make yourself a hard enough target that the fanatics can’t spend the resources.

      I’m furious about the censorship, more than anything. No one who dares call themselves Western or American should have *anything* to do with it. It’s amazing how fast the Enlightenment was trashed – something like 4 years and it all falls apart. Where did all these pod-people come from?

          1. It does seem that way, but I’m dipping my toes into Linux for business purposes. Not because I want to.

          2. Endless can be interpreted two ways. One, a never ending series of posts. Two, a post that is abnormally long. Maybe there are other interpretations but…

            I’m not saying that they aren’t needed or that I don’t learn anything or that asking those of your audience who are experienced with linux isn’t a great benefit to you. But it reminds me a great deal of dealing with rando issues with Windows in the 90’s only more complicated.

            Dealing with problems are often fun but for me personally, I’d much rather deal with other problems, even those that I create for myself. It is like how some people don’t like to do their own taxes or pour their own concrete slabs but do like woodworking or fixing their Jeep constantly.

            TBH, it is pretty cool we have a society that let’s people express their personal desires this way, at least for now.

      1. The Pod People are the result of Enlightenment thinking. When you believe in equality, democracy and freedom of speech… well, this is what you get.

        Remember, the Enlightenment had barely got started before ‘enlightened’ Frenchies were beheading each other en masse. It should have ended there and then.

      2. The spores were planted in the 60’s and the pods slowly grew here and there in universities, slowly replacing the children of the Enlightenment, until a critical mass was reached.

  4. Yeah, I think this has confused everyone because there is WordPress the hosting service, where you can use your own domain or go with whatever, and there is WordPress the CMS/blogging software you can install on whatever web host you choose to us, such as Hosting Matters. Since the latter is almost brainlessly easy, depending how fancy you want to get, and absurdly cheap, I always thought it was silly for people to use the more packaged services instead. Switching to new hosting, assuming nobody is sopping them from exporting content, by December 2 shouldn’t be that hard. That makes it no less evil that it’s happening.

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