8 thoughts on “A New Prophylactic”

  1. Unrelated: Aging reversed with hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Telomeres grew up to 38% longer, and senescent cells dropped by up to 37%, essentially making the elderly test subjects 25 years younger on those two metrics.

    Interestingly, since Starship’s basic welded structure seems to be good for up to 80 or 100 psi, it could be highly pressured with a pure-oxygen environment and the astronauts would arrive on Mars 25 years younger than when they left Earth, thus potentially confirming the twins paradox! ^_^

    1. Not bleach:
      The spray is composed of two polysaccharide polymers. The first, an antiviral agent called carrageenan, is commonly used in foods as a thickening agent, while the second a solution called gellan, was selected for its ability to stick to cells inside the nose.

      So not willing to wait for FDA approval, I’ve been searching my pantry for viable substitutes. So far I’ve come up with an 8 year old box of Lime Jello gelatin powder (gellan) and a 10 year old box of corn starch (thickening agent) and I’ve got a ton of Splenda ™ packets. I’m sure I’m on the right track here.

      1. I bet if you put that on a mirror with a razor blade; you might be able to convince an officer that you were just trying to protect yourself from covid.

        1. It’s the tell-tale green stain on the skin above the upper lip that is the dead give-away. In my research I’ve discovered I need to substitute Sweet’N Low(tm) for the Splenda(tm). Another trip to the grocery store.

          I must have started this just in time. Initially when I first started taking it I noticed a sharp odor, akin to the smell of lime tortilla chips, but since then I haven’t been able to smell a thing. A sure sign I have COVID, but w/o the fever and remaining symptoms, so it must be working….

          I ran out of straws so I had to use a crisp $2 bill I had been given as a birthday present and was still stiff enough to roll.

          As an additional benefit any of this that is accidentally swallowed tastes a bit like rock candy.

  2. gellan, was selected for its ability to stick to cells inside the nose.

    Around here, those are called “boogers”, but if the experts wanna call ’em “gellan”, well, that’s why they’re the experts.

  3. When I was a meer yoot, back in the Mesolithic, I had a friend who would snort anything. So someone (not me) suggested he do some crushed aspirin. After which we took him to the ER to have his snotbox cauterized.

    More seriously, this sounds like a recipe for creating a really, really stuffy nose. Then you don’t need a mask because you’re not breathing anymore.

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