Voter Fraud

The crime that must not be mentioned.

Well, it’s understandably a touchy subject for Democrats.

[Update Friday morning]

This is a pretty bold claim. I hope they’re right, but some have pointed out that if they don’t have the proof, they’ve opened themselves up to a defamation suit from Dominion. On the other other hand, this doesn’t look suspicious at all.

Meanwhile, nearly half the electorate thinks that the election was stolen from Trump, including a third of Democrats. And is election fraud possible in America? Sadly, yes, because as he notes, there are no political incentives to eliminate the possibility.


[Update a few minutes later]

Are Trump’s lawyers big enough to back up their claims?

[Monday-morning update]

Well, this doesn’t seem good. Has Powell gone off the deep end?


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  1. “When you rip out a man’s tongue, you don’t prove him a liar, you show the world that you’re afraid of what he might say.” – Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones.

    They wouldn’t be blocking all mention of voter fraud if they weren’t terrified of people discussing voter fraud, which means the election was indeed the result of voter fraud.

    Last night I was punching Atlanta county results into spreadsheet, in alphabetical order. I was initially looking to see if some counties had an unusually low turnouts, which might indicate other places with “uncounted votes”.

    Instead I found that in counties with high black populations, Biden didn’t do much better than Hillary. His big gains only occurred in counties with extremely low black populations.

    For example, Baker county is 50% black, and Biden beat Hillary by 0.31%, whereas Trump went up 15.7%. Calhoun is 61% black, and Biden beat Hillary there by 6.9%, whereas Trump was up by 12.3%. Burke is 49% black, and Biden went up 10% while Trump went up 20%

    In contrast, Banks county is 3.2% black and Biden went up 36%. Catoosa is 2.2% black and Biden went up 45% over Hillary. Cherokee County is 5.6% black and Biden went up 69% over Hillary.

    The black percentage versus Biden’s percentage gain over Hillary, when plotted, shows that the big Biden gains happened only if the county had a low percentage of blacks. For the first 30 Georgia counties in alphabetical order, the Pearson correlation coefficient between the two variables is -0.577 (moderate negative correlation) and a p value of 0.001, which is statistically significant.

    I compared the county’s total population to the percent Biden gain and that correlation was 0.4819, which was weak but positive. Then I compared the county’s total black population to the percent Biden gain and the correlation was 0.0395, which is extremely weak.

    So, based on the first 30 counties, the narrative that Biden had a massive increase in black turnout, which is what we’re told, doesn’t hold water. In fact, it looks like the opposite.

    I’ve now got the first 40 counties (starting with ‘A’ through ‘C’), so if anyone else wants to look for patterns, I can cut and paste my raw data here.

    1. So you are saying that the Karens all turned out to vote for Mr. Biden, and most of them voted by mail because Pandemic, accounting for the late “swing.”

  2. The labeling is one sided. Twitter doesn’t label things disputed when Democrats say them. Any mention of President Elect Biden should come with a link saying this is disputed and factually untrue.

  3. Well so far I hear a lot of talk about voter fraud but I don’t see a lot of actual action. I suppose the path they are taking requires going through the courts.

    I hope they have something solid up their sleeves because it’s one thing to show statistical impossibilities but entirely another to then prove the fraud.

    People like Linwood are talking very big but we’ve been disappointed so many times in the last 12 years by big talkers that if I allow myself to think about it I get worried.

    I am convinced of the fraud, and that Trump won. But that means nothing. There is no better fighter than Trump and some of the people he has working on this are very good. So I have to let them do their thing and try not to think about it too much.

    1. Indeed. I think for Trump the lawsuits are as much about revealing dirt on various cheating schemes as they are about winning. He’s a business man who’s been through lawsuits so he knows sometimes the most interesting thing is what you find in discovery.

      1. You know you bring up a very good point:

        One of Trump’s techniques has been to sue, knowing that the discovery will cause the Dems substantial heartburn. In which case the Dems have folded.
        In this case discovery will expose rampant fraud and criminal behavior. Perhaps the Dems would fold if too much exposure was risked.

  4. When you look at the egregiously awful things the Left has done – impeachment for no good reason, spying on Trump campaign, invalid FISA warrants based on known lies etc – they seem astonishing.

    Incredible violations.

    My conclusion is that they know it’s bad but that they dothis to fend off something worse: revelations of the extend of their wrong doing.

    That must be SO bad that the other violations must be trifling in comparison.

    If that’s true, then stealing an election – as horrible as that is – must be less horrible (to them) than what would be revealed if Trump wins.

    And, if Trump wins I certainly hope the gloves are off and those people are thoroughly exposed.

    1. A slightly different way to look at it is that a party that would use the CIA, NSA, and FBI to spy on a Presidential campaign and then try and remove a duly elected President in a coup would have no moral barriers from cheating during an election. People who belong to the same Democrat activist groups that have been beating and murdering people across the country are the ones counting votes in some of these cities.

      Democrats are capable of election fraud but how much fraud was there more than the normal levels of fraud?

  5. Wow the speakers in the Trump Legal Team Update are hard core. The gloves are off, with these people.

    They are laying it on the line. Especially the present speaker (I didn’t catch her name). Sidney Powell was really strong.

    What they are doing, they say, is giving an opening statement and that this will take time.

    1. Sidney Powell is the Rey of the Trump Legal Team.

      Rudy Giuliani is the Jar Jar of the Trump Legal Team. Rudy is Trumpier than Trump, if such a thing were possible.

      1. Sidney Powell is the Rey of the Trump Legal Team.

        Yea not so much, more like the Count Dooku. of the Trump legal team. Though good news for you Rand sounds like you be able to hire what you consider the attorney of year and possibly century soon for your legal defense.

    2. and yet .. 31 cases tossed, 3 legal teams quit, rudy when talking under oath says in court there is no fraud… and still not a single piece of evidence presented in court.

      Even tucker carlson just said powell is lying. man .. when the last man standing at fox finally admits reality ..

      1. “3 legal teams quit”

        This like when Trump won in 2016 Democrats made fun of him for not having a crowd larger than Obama’s at the inauguration after they used violent mobs to shut down all of the check points people used to get to the event. Here you are gloating about Democrats threatening people’s lives so that they wouldn’t participate in the legal process.

        1. The Tesla is an automobile propelled by gloating.

          Consumer Reports is withdrawing their recommendation of the Tesla X (the large, SUV-ish car) and the Y (the newer, smaller car that is a taller version of the Model 3, to call it an SUV is maybe not accurate). There surveys show these cars to be unreliable, perhaps besting FCA in the race to the bottom but also Lincoln.

          Who boy the shade thrown on Consumer Reports over at Seeking Alpha. “No, it is not the Tesla that is unreliable, it is Consumer Reports that is unreliable!”

          I suppose the preponderance of people who purchase a Tesla automobile are thrilled with them, and Consumer Reports explains that the reliability problems with them are not with the battery or the electric motor and its transmission. The problems are with “fit and finish”, cracks in the glass roof along with problems with the flat panel on the dashboard. Perhaps people buying them value electric propulsion and the noteworthy acceleration and are willing to accept such problems.

          Even so, under a Biden Administration, I have a concern that the market will not get to decide. With the mandating of green products, there is an element of when fan boi-ism becomes Venezuela?

          1. Buying a Tesla isn’t a rational decision. Pretty cool cars and if I had the money to burn, I’d consider buying one but it would be with the knowledge that I’m lighting money on fire for my enjoyment and no other reason.

      2. is a repository for all the evidence of election fraud. The pile is getting really big.

        I just finished treating the bellwether (only 3 right out of 17 bellwethers) as a 10-sided dice problem, where 1 is a miss and 2 through 10 are correct. The bellwethers have an accuracy of 88% to 90.58%, depending on whether you include 1960, where election fraud is known.

        The odds of rolling 14 1’s with 17 10-dice is 197,281,461,461 to 1. That’s 197 billion to one odds that Biden won it straight up.

        1. So you’re saying there’s a chance Biden won?

          I’m just waiting for the result. Going up and down every day depending on the news isn’t doing me any good mentally. Sometime in the next week or so, Trump’s team will put the evidence up to the GOP controlled state legislatures and they will decide if their careers are going to be damaged by voting to not certify the election and not award electors to either candidate based on that. Given that the GOP tends to be pretty wimpy and self centered I suspect President Biden is looking forward to pulling in enough graft to keep his family in the fortune 500 for the next 100 years.

  6. Dominion also closed their Pennsylvania offices, and their people have moved out of state – quickly.

    I listened to Sidney Powell on Larry O’Connor’s WMAL afternoon show today, and she is confident that within two weeks, they will have a solid case of election fraud to present to a court or courts. She also acknowledged that her credibility and thus career are on the line. I’ve been listening to her frequent appearances on O’Connor’s show over the years, and she has never been wrong. Not once.

    The scariest thing she has been asking is: where is the United States government? The volume of evidence she, Giuliani, et al, have gathered would ordinarily have triggered massive investigations by the FBI, and all of the other assets of DoJ. Yet there is no sign of any interest. So it’s left to a handful of civil attorneys to do the job of “the finest investigatory agency in the world.”

    These attorneys are being paid by If you want to help, a donation there would be one way.

    1. My thought is that Rudy and Sidney, et al, are being kept out of the loop, and choosing to stay out of the loop, because any communications with federal investigations would likely be discoverable in these early cases.

      On the fraud front, a professional analytics, security company has pointed out another glaring impossibility in the Michigan count. They cited how many vote counting machines, and what model numbers, were possessed by the vote counters. In the two hour thirty-eight minutes it took to create the 384,000+ spike in Biden votes, the machines, if run absolutely perfectly at full capacity, could only have processed about 98,000 ballots. It was physically impossible for that spike to have been real votes. An obvious takeaway is that if the vote counters could count votes that fast, they would’ve been done by 10 PM.

      1. I think you are correct, and would add to this that, for example, in Michigan, when the news updates stopped on the night of November 3rd, Trump was ahead by a comfortable margin. Then we were told around 10pm Eastern time that vote counting would cease for the night and restart the next day. Poll watchers were ordered out of the precincts, in some cases, we were told later, ordered out by the cops. And, the next morning, we were told, 140,000 ballots were counted overnight, with no poll watchers present. And every single one was for Biden. Every single one. Not one for Trump or the Green Party or anyone else. And we are asked to believe this, and that all the exact same things happened in twenty other states, all simultaneously, too.

        As an aside, we need to stop here and do a thought experiment.
        Imagine a big barrel of red and blue marbles. They are, roughly, a 50-50 mix. There is a one in two chance of picking a blue marble, one in four of picking two blue marbles in a row, one in eight of three, and so on. Long before you get to one thousand blue marbles in a row, the number required to describe the odds of this has more zeroes in it than there are atoms in the universe. How many zeroes do you need for the odds of 140,000 Biden votes in a row? And how many more do you need for the exact same thing to happen in dozens of places simultaneously?

        Some have put forth the ad hoc hypothesis that these extra Biden votes were there all the time, they were all just “miscounted,” and the errors corrected overnight. In dozens of states. It’s just an amazing coincidence that 100% of the error corrections favor Biden. And this happened, again, in dozens of states simultaneously. This is scarcely more believable than “we counted 300,000 ballots overnight in Philadelphia and every single one was for Biden.”

        There is also the fact that two Republican poll watchers in Detroit have refused to certify Wayne County election results and signed sworn affidavits claiming to have witnessed large-scale organized fraud, and essentially caught the Democrats with their hands in the cookie jar.

        What is the response of Democrats in the state legislature? Is it to declare they have nothing to hide and welcome an investigation? No. It’s threats:

        Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel has likewise threatened the poll watchers with felony charges of “conspiracy to commit voter fraud,” which is just the sort of thing you’d expect someone with nothing to hide to do, right?

        Isn’t it illegal to intimidate public officials in the performance of their duty, by the way? I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty sure that’s all kinds of illegal.

        Detroit has long been known as a center of electoral shenanigans to rival Chicago. In 2016, over one third of Detroit precincts reported that they counted more votes than there were registered voters, in some cases 350% as many. No one ever does anything about it, though.

        In the 2016 election, Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, made official complaints about this and demanded an investigation. Four years later, we’re still waiting for any arrests to be made, for anyone to go to jail. We’re sure the FBI and DOJ will get on that real soon now, right? Right.

        It’s just like Dominion Voting Systems agreeing to meet with the Pennsylvania General Assembly, then suddenly skipping town and fleeing in the dark of night, closing all offices in the state, not answering phones, even having their employees scrub their LinkedIn pages. Which is just the sort of calculated move you’d carry out if you had nothing to hide and wanted to allay the nation’s suspicions, right? Right?

        Here’s a handy-dandy guide from the BBC on how to spot election rigging and vote fraud in Third World failed states:

        Go down the list, make note of what you see in the current election, and draw your own conclusions.

        It’s funny how everyone from Google to Twitter to Facebook to Snopes is working so hard to keep people from talking about this, isn’t it? They’re trying to say that more than half the country, including a big chunk of Democrats, are all crazy for being suspicious of an “election” in which a wildly popular incumbent was supposedly defeated by a pathetic, bought-and-paid-for influence-peddler whose own rallies drew more hecklers than supporters. They seem to want us to shut up and keep our doubts to ourselves. I am not feeling obedient at the moment.

        I’ve seen it said on another blog that if you wrote a novel where this was the plot, no publisher would touch it and every editor in the country worth his salt would tell you to tone down the crazy stuff because it’s just too implausible.

  7. “Ensuring our elections meet those standards is why we have to take allegations of cheating seriously. Ensuring the public trusts the outcomes, if the elections were indeed fair, is why unsupported charges are so dangerous.”

    We already know that election officials were breaking laws and rules. They covered windows, kicked out observers, and required observers be so far away that they couldn’t observe anything. Why do we even have observers? Because neither Democrats nor Republicans trust the other party. Distrust of our voting system is baked in through over a two hundred years of history.

    There were people wearing BLM shirts counting votes. PV documented ballot harvesters paying for votes. Everyone knows there are always a level of fraud taking place in every election, it is indisputable. The question is whether or not it happened on a scale to change the result and whether or not it can be proved. Our system is built to prevent effective audits. No one is going to look for ballot harvesters paying for votes or track down each inconsistency in signatures or people getting multiple ballots.

    Is there even a record of how someone voted? I can check to see if my ballot was collected but not who I voted for. In some states, they don’t even have to retain the pictures of ballots that the machines use for tabulation.

    A real audit would involve checking a large sample of voters and their actual ballots. There would also have to be targeted sampling of suspicious districts.

    “If Trump’s lawyers do have convincing evidence of a large-scale, coordinated effort to steal the presidential election, they have uncovered one of the greatest political crimes in our country’s history.”

    To get evidence, they need access to voting machines, computers, thumb drives, ballots, voters, and election staff. It would be one of the greatest political crimes uncovered but it wouldn’t be unprecedented or out of character for Democrats.

    1. Heck, a statistical style audit would be great. Pick three or four representative counties and not only recount all the votes, comparing the number of ballots to the machines, but ask a sizeable subset of voters to confirm that their votes were accurately recorded, etc.

      If there was widespread fraud, then you should be able to find concrete examples of it almost anywhere you dig deep, and I think one of the methods being used was to scatter it everywhere so as not to present a really obvious cluster of it. Of course the city folks who make money from fraud got the same green-light as everyone else, so they got some clusters anyway.

      One thing I noticed, which Karl Rove took to be proof that there was no fraud, was that the usual corrupt cities (Detroit, Philly, Milwaukee, etc) didn’t have an unusually high turnout. But if that were true, where are all those white vans full of votes coming from, and why were those places still counting a week or more after anyone else?

      I figured that with mail-in-voting, it would make no sense to make fake ballots in Philly for Philly, when the folks in Philly could be make fake ballots for Hershey, Mechanicsburg, and Lancaster and mailing them out, along some other clever tricks. If I was a rural county, I’d be carefully scrutinizing the postmarks to see if 30% of the county’s farmers, who never go anywhere, happened to be in the big city when they mailed their ballot.

  8. Still a big fan of the paper ballot and the grey haired church ladies that hand them out and count them after. Unfortunately my state did implement a state-wide ballot scanning system several years back. Still paper ballots, but a machine scans and tabulates. Next time I’ll look to see if it has any wired connections other than power. Of course there is still WIFI. I’ll check my smartphone next time as well. Trump lost in my state but the Republicans slaughtered the Democrats in the all the down ballot races in my district except for US Senate, held onto by the incumbent Democrat. But she remains popular in this state even though her vote to convict Trump was a dis-qualifier for me.

    1. “Trump lost in my state but the Republicans slaughtered the Democrats in the all the down ballot races in my district except for US Senate, held onto by the incumbent Democrat.”

      Just how is it that downticket Republicans won such huge gains, but Trump lost? That makes no sense whatsoever.

      1. Interesting that all the national tickets went to the Democrats in my state but the down ballot state races when to the Republicans. I forgot to mention the US Rep. also went to the incumbent Democrat in my district. One way that could have happened is that people only voted for the national candidates and left the rest of the ballot blank. The breakdown for my hometown was posted on the web and it all went Republican up and down the ticket, but apparently got cancelled out in the rest of the state. A good friend shows that the election results defy Benford’s Law for the Democrats in my county.'s_law

        1. I have two theories on why the down-ticket races aren’t being rigged in the same ways. One is laziness, in that it’s easy to deploy a program to flip Trump votes to Biden, or pile in on a Senate or House race, but how do you program the obscure races way on down, many of which vary precinct to precinct?

          My second theory is that top-down fraud is much riskier down ballot, because the locals might have really strong opinions on some local things that are known only to them, and they all might network pretty heavily. This already exposed some 2020 fraud, where a NJ woman Dominion said lost her race 36-10 knew all 36 people of the 36, and they all voted for her. Dominion just switched the totals, and they got caught at it.

          But when you get to the big races, you’re more likely to believe that even though nobody in your circle voted for X, people a hundred miles away must’ve done so, because our personal networks aren’t wide and deep enough to contradict the result.

          There’s a third theory that down ballot people have made their own election-rigging arrangements and you shouldn’t walk over the top of them, but that would imply honor among thieves, so I won’t expand on it.

        2. I don’t know if anyone here reads Larry Correia’s blog, but the past week or so has seen very lively discussion of Benford’s Law and its use in detecting fraud generally and vote fraud in particular.

          For whatever it’s worth, people claiming to work in insurance fraud detection and prevention, securities fraud investigation, forensic accounting, and so on, for a living, are unanimous in saying that there is every appearance and indication that something is very, very, very wrong with the election results as reported, and investigations on both national and state levels are called for.

  9. I was getting my hair cut last night at a large higher tier salon (this is relevant to what follows) that caters mostly to women. My hair dresser, let’s call her Barb, was going on about how concerned she was for the future, so I asked her some questions.

    Turns out she is a big-time Trump supporter who is clearly aware that the election was stolen, and get this, she brought up the term “civil war” and “treason”. I asked her how many of her clients were of the same mind, and she said many of them, and keep in mind most of her clientele is female.

    I think there is enormous support for Trump and awareness of what is going on below the surface. For my part I informed her about the Insurrection Act.

  10. Hope the post isn’t too long:

    “Michigan election officials on Monday certified Democrat Joe Biden’s 154,000-vote victory in the state amid President Donald Trump’s challnge to the election tallies.

    The Board of State Canvassers, which has two Republicans and two Democrats, confirmed the results on a 3-0 vote with one abstention. Allies of Trump and losing GOP Senate candidate John James had urged the panel to delay voting for two weeks to audit votes in heavily Democratic Wayne County, home to Detroit.

    The move is another setback in Trump’s efforts to challenge the election. It comes after he made direct overtures to Republican officials in the state by inviting them to the White House last week.”

    In other words the Republicans simply lack the intestinal fortitude (courage) too stand up to this obvious stealing of an election to my complete unfortunate lack of surprise.

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