Computer Update

Welp, I gave up on rescuing that installation, and built a new one with the latest version on a spare 250G SSD. It only took me a couple hours to reinstall most of the software I need, including my virtual Windows machine, which is a lot less time than I wasted trying to get the other one to boot. I also built a shell script to make it easier next time (and we know there will be a next time).

14 thoughts on “Computer Update”

    1. Yes. Which I knew, because it had no problem booting from the live USB. I wanted to “just” fix the boot, but I couldn’t. It ended up being easier to just build a new system, particularly since it’s the latest version.

    1. I’m sorry, Chris, but do you really think I did not do a lot of DuckDuckGoing on how to fix a Fedora boot?

      I will confess that I didn’t search for “boot repair.” I was looking for “Fedora won’t boot.”

        1. Just time, since I’m happy with the new install. I’d only do it out of curiosity to see if that would have solved the problem, and as a guide if it happens again.

  1. Anyway. Good man. Esp.the scripting part. This will save you a ton of time in future installs. (And yes with Fedora there are ALWAYS future installs. 🙂

    1. Don’t know the original thinking, but at this point I’d go Ubuntu or straight Debian for a home box.

      Between CentOS being essentially killed off and the general flakiness of Fedora I don’t think unpaid versions of Red hat make sense anymore…

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