3 thoughts on “RIP, Mary Ann”

  1. She was, as Mary Ann, a pubescent heartthrob of mine when Gilligan’s Island was in first run. More than a decade later, I was walking through the Purdue Union building, and spotted her sitting way off in one of the huge lounges, obviously being interviewed. I still don’t know what that was about, and can only surmise that she was appearing in a production on campus to which, as a nose-to-the-grindstone engineering student, I was oblivious. I almost regret that I didn’t approach and ask for an autograph, and try to engage in a conversation – but what was the point? It would just have annoyed her. But even circa 1978, she was smokin’ hot.

  2. True most people that have died quickly from covid were already clipping the trees, but more that ten percent are now “recovering” then wasting away and dying six to eight weeks later. There is still much to learn. Especially about its transmission and about transmission in general.

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