10 thoughts on “The Dunning-Kruger Effect”

  1. That was a very interesting article. I had to laugh when the author posed the question “has anyone set out to disprove the Dunning-Kruger effect?”

    1. Prove it? I can’t remember how many subjects that my first impressions turned out to be false after more in-depth study.

      “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing…”

  2. –Dr. Dunning tells me he believes the effect “has more to do with being misinformed rather than uninformed.” —

    Our world is full of pseudo science.
    Fake news is a thing. Though one could say there is a lack of “news’- it’s mostly fake because one might imagine there is too much news.

    Maybe, 50% of people believe in global warming, and don’t even know what global warming is.
    They probably have been taught, that we living in a Ice Age, and don’t know what an Ice Age is.
    Public education is brainwashing, and it should be brainwashing, but it’s brainwashing the wrong things.
    Getting an education, doesn’t mean you are educated, it means one should have tools to allow you to become educated.
    Marxism is pseudo science. Capitalism is largely defined by pseudo science of Marxism.
    No one lives in a republic, it’s at most, an aspiration yet to be achieved.
    The greatest revolution was the industrial revolution- and it’s on going.
    The term pre industrial would matter what country you talking about, though one might assume it refers to before the steam engine was invented. And I guess, it follows, that “pre computer”, would mean before the PC was marketed.
    Of course generating electrical power was pretty significant part or “start” of industrial revolution, and we shouldn’t neglect the anti-industrial revolution which also ongoing. Though that might be as vague as saying that Capitalism is a “thing”.


  3. “Marxism is pseudo science”

    It is a computer virus that has been ported to run on wetware.

    Thanks to SF writer John Barnes (Orbital Resonance, Kaleidoscope Century, Candle etc)

      1. Socialism is religion, in which believers have faith that a government might not be a criminal enterprise, if it’s promising to do stuff that the believer want the government to say it’s going to do.

      2. Marxism has the relationship to Economics that Creationism has to Evolutionary Biology. It’s words in a book handed down by an old, bearded white guy that can never be questioned.

      3. One writer said young people’s definition of socialism is vague because their definition of capitalism is, “Unrestrained capitalists running roughshod over the rest of us”, so their definition of socialism becomes, “Not that”.

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