18 thoughts on “Elon’s Multi-Billion F-You”

    1. I am quite sure that Texas *IS* Hell!

      Or maybe that is just the immediate response of someone whose first trip to Texas was for Basic Training in August.

  1. Hence the misguided and likely unlawful ideas that the various California legislatures have about taxing former residents for world-wide income for ten years following their CalExit, and considering anyone who spends more than 60 days in the state in a year (for any reason) a resident and subject to taxation. That last one will REALLY screw up airline crews.

    1. Don’tya know that California is an engine of wealth creation and those smug state officials in West Virginia that already have all of their nursing home residents, caretakers and staff vaccinated against the corona virus are net beneficiaries of Federal tax paid by California citizens and businesses?

      Or at least that is what I am told?

    2. anyone who spends more than 60 days in the state in a year (for any reason) a resident and subject to taxation.

      Yeah, the Hollyweird crowd is going to love that one. It will do wonders for further production work in California.

    3. I suspect that will be just as successful as California’s attempt to tax pensioners who worked in California but left for lower tax states after retirement. It was killed in the courts and I don’t see why this would be any different.

  2. Texas is the place to go to orbit.
    And it seems + 100 miles east of Boca Chica is place to launch from the ocean.

    In terms another test for Starship, a sub-orbital to Florida?

      1. How much do they cost.
        “As previously mentioned, most re-utilization projects provide little capital expenditure savings – accelerated schedule is typically the most significant advantage”
        So, I read that as not much different building new one, advantage is mostly getting faster.
        Or if you have time, building new one {and made in way you want it to be] is about the same price.
        Google cost to build oil platform:
        “The average cost for offshore rigs can be as much as 15 to 20 times greater than the average cost for land rigs. The least-expensive offshore rigs typically cost nearly $200 million”
        But I believe sea launch got one, for about 24 million, and spent a fair amount refurnishing, it. And I believe the ships they used was far more expensive [hundreds millions] and you got the dock for ships, etc.
        My idea I call a pipelauncher, should cost few million, but everything else could be hundreds of millions.
        And when mean few millions I mean unit cost, and not really about development and testing costs.
        And how make pipelauncher could similar to how starship made, though it seems one would want to make it in a drydock, and being horizonal.- sections put together horizontally. Though building fairly large sections vertically in deep open water is possible.

  3. Just hope Elon doesn’t import too many lefty Californicators with him. Any potential immigrant employees ought to have to sign a loyalty oath to Texas. LoL. Don’t mess with Texas.

    1. Is Mr. Musk moving his operations to Austin?

      I heard that Austin is a forward outpost of the Empire of California?

    1. All of those can move a hell of a lot quicker, and easier, than Mr. Musk’s enterprises could: All they require are internet connections – which are available from home.

      Space-X and Tesla and the rest…..all have a physical infrastructure.

      1. Well, they CAN, but they don’t seem to show any inclination to DO, maybe because they seem to fit ideologically well with places like San Francisco.

        1. Presently, they and their employees can afford that ideology. It doesn’t sound like that will last. And if enough onerous regulations are passed, then those companies will have to explain to their shareholders and their employees why they’re still there. They might have to explain in court, I might add since it might become a substantial drop in profit and operational flexibility to stay in California.

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