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  1. Contrast Israel, where when they take a vial out of the freezer to vaccinate an old person, they round up whoever they can, that person’s adult children or other care givers or whoever they can find, to use up the vial.

    Contrast with New York, where apparently the Governor is threatening doctors with million dollar fines if just one person is offered the vaccine out of turn.


    1. What I am saying, is why is Derek Lowe even talking about using this vaccine “off label” with reduced dose, when vials of the vaccine are just sitting there because of our lame political establishment.

      Just . . . start . . . poking . . . people . . . with . . . it . . . I . . . don’t . . . care . . . who . . . goes . . . first.

  2. In the comments section, there were several strident remarks about mask usage. Their effectiveness is not based on any statistical evidence (quite the opposite, in fact), yet in most areas of the United States they are “mandated.”

    The assisted living home my mother entered four years ago stopped permitting visitors inside back in March 2020. Only employees were permitted entry. They had to have their temperature taken at the door, and were required to wear a mask at all times.

    One of these masked people gave my mother Covid-19. She was diagnosed with it on Christmas Eve, and died on New Years Day. She slept the entire time, so my sister and I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, even by telephone.

    Fuck you people who say “wear the damn mask.” Your desire to force your superstition on other people deserves response with force.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your mother.

      Mask wearing may be better than nothing, but I get a sense that when people wear a mask, other precautions are not necessary.

      1. I don’t know if my words are garbled.

        It seems that masks, falsely, make people feel invulnerable and that others are safe from them. I get this feeling from being crowded in supermarket lines and aisles.

        Not saying that caregivers in long-term care are doing this, but I see people in supermarkets with their nose exposed or using those “contractor” masks with an exhalation valve.

    2. My condolences for your loss. I can’t agree more with your sentiment for those who proclaim “wear the damn mask”. These people have no idea what NIOSH means, and thus have no capability to understand their claims truly are superstition and unbound by science. They also have no compassion at all for those suffering alone because of the phobias of others.

      Yes, covid is deadly and its spread should be reasonably prevented, but somethings are worse than death. Older parents in nursing homes, most suffering various levels of dementia, are being confined away from their families. They committed no crime, but they sense a treatment of solitude that’s no different than jail. Put the sociopaths with their fear of germs in isolation, so the rest of us can live with freedom.

    3. Michael, this heartbreaking – I’m so sorry for your loss. I wish more people with platforms would take a stand against the health and liberty dangers that masks cause. I hope 2021 will be better for us, but with the election stolen by the most rampant and ambitious voter fraud campaign in the history of democracies, my optimism is waning.

  3. It is tough to say but if the 2 dose vaccines aren’t fully effective without that 2nd dose, these people need some sort of priority for getting the second dose. That shouldn’t mean the vaccine vials just sit there for weeks but that doses are administered and 2nd doses are scheduled around the logistics of resupply.

    Now isn’t the time to freak out. We have to remain steady. With two vaccines and two more on the horrrizon, it hopefully won’t be too long before everyone who wants a vaccine will have one. Our testing capacity went from in the thousands a day last March to over 2 million a day right now.

    At that rate it will still take some months but we can most likely distribute doses nearly as fast as they are produced.

  4. Some of you folks seem to have a touching faith in the medical profession. You know, the same folks who brought you the cholesterol con, low fat, vegetable oils, the diabetes industry, etc etc.
    I’m in absolutely no hurry to line up for a vaccine for the ChiCom virus.

    1. To paint with a broader brush, you could say government funded “science” in general: the high carb food pyramid, climate science, seatbelts, secondhand smoke. Long list.

      1. I wear seatbelts partly because friends of mine have been ticketed for not wearing them, including one guy who got an administrative license revocation from the DMV for a third offense. But I also wear them when jouncing around in my truck and driving way too fast in my stick shift Impreza on winding country roads. But in 55 years of driving, I’ve never actually crashed my car. However, I have been repeatedly rear-ended at stoplights by idiots driving with their eyes shut while doing a manual rectal exam on themselves. Having a pretty girl run the hood of her subcompact car entirely under the back end of the truck I was driving, then seeing her boyfriend leap out of the car and run away was instructive. I told her she could probably do better than that, as their were plenty of nice boys around.

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