Bob Zimmerman writes that we’re about to find out who our real friends are.

[Update a while later]

Fascism comes to the U.S.

It’s been coming for decades.

It’s been on its way for decades. It seems to have finally arrived. The question is: What to do about it?

Fortunately, their hold on Congress is probably too tenuous for them to ram through the things they need to cement their power, and I suspect that the intraparty divisions this spring (and even late winter) will be brutal, and something for those who value liberty and the Constitution to take advantage of.

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  1. Got amateur radio? How about a BBS system in the attic? Shortwave radio (with BFO for sideband)

    Stock up on SD cards (easy to hide) and thumb drives, while they’re still available.

    Old timey typewriters? Dot-matrix printers and boxes of multi-part computer paper? (and who knows why that is important?)

    1. Dead drops and ham radios?

      They are a way to route around censorship but also easily compromised and when it comes to radio, can be shut down if the feds want to. You don’t even have a fig leaf of anonymity if you get your ham license.

    2. USB fax/data modems are still available, most manufactured by Chinese firms but some of the old standards are still out there and available. Most Linux and Mac OS distributions still have uucp and other code still in their distributions, and Mac OS (at one time) allowed to print to fax if you had the connection. A lot of samizdat was distributed by fax.

  2. I was un-Personed by a long-time gaming buddy. “The only reason Not to vote for Obama is racism!” The sad time when you discover who your friends really are,

    1. My Democrat friends went batshit crazy during the Bush years but it wasn’t until Obama started with all the racist rhetoric that they turned into rabid racists.

  3. Stand back and stand by! To quote Malcolm Reynolds, “May be on the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one”

  4. I’m reading an amazing book, available on Kindle, which does a deep dive into how far this kind of culture actually has gone, and why. It’s The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalinist Russia, by Orlando Figes. If you want to see where we are heading, at breakneck speed, read this terrifying book.

    1. I think one key difference might be that we’re not afraid of the left in the least, while they are terrified of us. Part of the tribalism that they pushed was the we were evil, deranged barbarians. Well, so be it. That works to our advantage.

      A sniper behind every blade of grass. Let them come, and if that’s too boring, just bring the heat to them.

  5. ALERT: Someone is planning a false flag event this weekend. Either the 16th, 17th, or 19th at state capitols and DC (the date of the supposed patriot event varies). Poorly designed posters have been mailed out to conservatives and conservative groups. The FBI is in on it, since they are now making noises about “uncovering the plot”. (Sources, the Blaze, ABC, etc..)

    The president is being held incommunicado, and our normal modes of communication are recording the event are being shut down. This is (other than the sheer hell of it) so that we cannot shine a light on what really happens this weekend.

    The posters call for armed men to show up at the capitols for a march. This is a TRAP. Unfortunately, with a few million pissed off people, it’s almost inevitable that enough idiots will show to give them their set-piece Tiennemen square massacre. If by some miracle, everyone stays home, I’m sure antifa, or Hollywood CGI will fill in.

    What is planned next is a brutal crackdown on America in “response” to inaugurate the new regime. The capitol hill protest didn’t do what they want, so this is plan B. These liars will now make up reality to suit them, so that they have some bloody shirt to wave giving them moral authority for the rest of the evil they plan.

  6. Transfer of power is not always free of violence. When cheated, the displaced sometimes decide lashing out is their only good option. Or their least bad one. Sometimes elected representatives need to be reminded they derive their power from the consent of the governed. When subtle reminders fail, sometimes less subtle means are required. I hope it settles down before more people get hurt.

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