10 thoughts on “Violent Rhetoric”

  1. Only 10? I don’t think they tried that hard. I’m fairly certain they could come up with 10 instances that then resulted in actual violence. Businesses were firebombed in DC on Trump’s Inauguration Day. I’ll admit the following is positive of Biden, but this is what happened at the 2017 certification (emphasis mine):

    Vice President Joe Biden repeatedly told objecting congressman that their attempt to disrupt the usually staid moment that their objections were invalid because they did not have the signature of a United States senator. Biden, at times exasperated by the scene, at one point cautioned his fellow Democrats: “It is over.”

    “There is no debate. There is no debate. There is no debate,” Biden repeated to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, one of the frequent objectors in the Capitol.

    At least three protestors were swiftly removed by security when shouting during the certification. US Capitol Police spokeswoman Eva Malecki told CNN they arrested two males and one female and says they are being processed at U.S. Capitol Police Headquarters. They will release more information on charges later today.

    Leaving the chamber, Republican Sen. John Cornyn said he thought the protests were “kind of embarrassing.”

    Those upset by the vote tried to voice their displeasure with everything from alleged voting machine malfunctions to claims of “massive voter suppression” to worries about hackings from Russia. But Biden talked over each of their speeches unless they could produce a signature.

    1. Those were all peaceful celebrations, with flying debris and cute little fires everywhere, like Endor after the second Death Star blew up.. “Violence” is when you mis-gender someone.

  2. Paul Dipthong: “Those are all different because nobody was wearing buffalo horns with red white and blue face paint.”

  3. I read that the Speaker is proceeding against the President with new Articles of Impeachment.

    Is one of the Articles that Mr. Trump incited the resulting civil disturbance by falsely claiming that he was cheated in the vote counting?

    Who has the burden of proof that “The Election was Stolen” is a false claim? Does Mr. Trump finally get the deep audit in the 6 states he was demanding? If this audit finds “shenanigans” but not enough to overturn the election, is this still good for Democrats?

    This new impeachment could also take a chunk of Mr. Biden’s “100-days” period to advance his legislative vision?


    1. I’ve seen others suggest this is an opportunity to be taken. I think that is a view that doesn’t fit with history.

      First, the evidence presented by the House in the first impeachment trial last year simple showed “expert witnesses” whose testimony suggested that indeed the House had the authority to file Articles of Impeachment. The second article said the President, who freely released the transcript of a conversation, was obstructing justice by attempting to argue his case.

      So there is no burden of proof. It’s a political decisison. There is no audit, and indeed those calling for an audit are being named as insurrectionist at worst or Nazi propagandist the likes of Joseph Goebbels at best. And as we have seen at this blog, some think that continuing to suggest an audit is providing aid and comfort. So no audit.

      The impeachment will last longer than Trump’s term, but only such that the Democrats gain the majority in the Senate. Otherwise, they’ll move quickly, so they can get to national covid lockdown legislation to really control the masses. Once that is in place, they’ll have control over the free actions of the States, and then they can pass election reform. They’ll do this in time to make the slopes at Davos for the great reset.

      1. Howie Carr today likened the 2nd coming [impeachment] to the Oliver Cromwell trial of 1661 where he was found guilty and posthumously beheaded. Displayed on a pike until somewhere between 1665 and 1704 (or 1685) when a storm blew it off the pike and it literally fell into the hands of private collectors until buried in 1960.


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