8 thoughts on “Dangerous Fascist Dictator”

  1. The FBI wont be dragging PBS executives in on terrorism charges like they would if some randos did the same thing.

  2. I believe that the “strategy” now is to impeach him in the House and then remove him from office in the Senate. Even if the Senate likely wouldn’t convene to vote him from office until after his (Trump’s) term would have ended anyway. They are (apparently) playing the long game; there is supposedly provisions under federal law that if so convicted would forbid Trump from running for high office again. That is he wouldn’t be able to run in 2024. I actually am a little surprised that Pelosi and her ilk after passing that resolution exhorting Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and having it dismissed by Pence isn’t trying another different tact. Why not threaten Trump’s cabinet including Pence with filing charges against them of enabling Trump’s “attempted insurrection” by not invoking the 25th? Threaten to pursue them even after they leave office and ruin them in court financially even if said charges don’t stick? Like they did to Flynn and others? I would post more but wouldn’t want to for fear of running too long since I don’t have a life and all.

    1. Trump isn’t running in 2024. Even if he wouldn’t be too old by then, there’ll never be another Republican government because even if the Democrats allow another election they’ll just steal it again.

      So the whole charade makes absolutely no sense unless they believe Trump is coming for them before the 20th. They know that, if a Democrat President was in the same position, he’d have no qualms about sending the whole of Congress to Gitmo.

      Trump should too, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to.

      1. There will be a “Vichy” Republican Party, allowed to hold some state offices, and occasionally give mild statements on select media, but that’s all.

      2. How do you know he’s not running? The fact that he could run means, ironically, the the two people with the greatest interest in his conviction by the Senate are Cruz and Hawley, the two would-be Trumpist candidates.

  3. “If Trump really was the monster that people claimed he was, they’d have been strung up on piano wire for saying it.”

    The reasoning here is not logically sound. It might be that Trump is a monster but incompetent as a dictator.

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