Fighting Back

Spengler has a plan to defeat the Democrats.

I think that the reason that the fraud largely only benefited Biden is because it’s much easier to do it for a single race that was their focus than for hundreds of them all over the country. Most of it occurred in swing states, where it did in fact also benefit local races (e.g., AZ and MI).

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Political reprisals and the death of the Republic.

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Republicans have to fight. And if they won’t, we need a new party that will.

A lot of good suggestions here, but step one is, as he says, to recognize that we are at war (and have been for over a decade).

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It’s 1984. This is what real fascism looks like: Coordination between academia, the media, megabusiness, and the dominant political party.

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  1. I look at Twitter, but I don’t do anything on Twitter.
    I started twitter and facebook accounts years ago, but never did anything with them- I don’t even look at facebook.
    Are opinion polls regarding Congress and Media “fake news”?
    As it seems few people think highly of them.
    It seems MSM is going out of business, and seems twitter and facebook are over priced.
    Can dem control of Fed Government “improve” any of this?
    Can it get even worse?

  2. Also, Trump the destructor, I just realized the biggest destruction accomplished.
    Trump successful did trade deal and peace in Middle East- doesn’t indicate how badly our government has been with trade deals and peace, without having Trump?
    I could hope “they” learned something”, but how likely is that?
    Isn’t more that Trump exposed something- the establishment utter uselessness in everything they do.
    What good is superpower that can’t make peace or trade deals?

  3. Rand, your second link (the death of the Republic) goes to the same article as the first link (Spengler’s plan).

  4. No more chances for the (existing) republican party….Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 12 times and counting? Shame on me.

    1. No kidding. The sentiment that nothing can be done is because when Republicans had the authority to hold punish official abuse, they did nothing. Now those same officials are abusing power again, but they can’t be checked. The purpose of impeachment is it prevents a trial in the courts, where Trump and others could present evidence. For all the talk of insurrection; Pelosi is leading the way in trying to coerce the Executive Branch to follow her direction rather than the sitting President’s.

  5. Unfortunately for the lawsuit angle, I don’t think it would be sufficient to have a preponderance of evidence of election fraud. You’d likely need a preponderance of evidence that they committed election fraud.

    The strongest evidence of wide spread fraud is the statistical analysis. But that doesn’t tell you who did it, just that it was done.

    1. During discovery it might be useful to find that officials were informed of problems, and nothing done to correct those problems. Or that they facilitated problems by removing and/or overriding safeguards. Those’re some of ways to tie them to this. And gain insight on how they think. At least let’s make sure they covered their tracks.

      It really is time to use Leftists legal tactics like “the process is the punishment” and “sue and settle” and “bake that cake” on those who on their side don’t have deep pockets. Lawfare should be preferable to actual violence (and I think they want the latter).

      Make ’em live up to the slogan “No Justice, No Peace” and find out what it means when they are “the man.” (I really think conservatives need to coopt that phrase, and let the Left explain to us who it promotes violence.)

      1. Law is creatively interpreted and creatively applied so that conservatives and the Right are always, always wrong. Lawfare works for the Left because the courts are packed with Leftist judges, just as “civil disobedience” works for the Left because Leftist judges and Leftist city administrators approve and assist.

        The Right has tried lawfare, and civil disobedience, and all the rest of the pages from the Left’s little manual of war. Go look up what happened to Operation Rescue to see how far that got. Look at the election lawsuits to see how it works.

        Sue before the election? “You have no standing!” Sue after the election? “Laches! Waiting until after the election means you implicitly gave assent to it!” Appeal to the Supreme Court? “Nope! Not touching THAT hot potato! Go ‘way,” said the three (3) Supreme Court justices appointed by President Trump, who, we were solemnly assured, were courageous, red-meat-eating Constitutionalists who did not flinch from controversy and would do their duty to the Constitution and the nation.

        Others have said it. We live in a post-law world. Creative unequal application of the “law” is how things work now. What takes place in a courtroom isn’t inquiry or enforcement of agreed-upon rules. It’s Calvinball, and the only rule is that the Right always loses. Always. The “law” and “the Constitution” are only rhetorical cudgels with which to beat conservatives.

        Creative unequal application of the law, also called anarchotyranny, is one of the distinguishing features of Clown World.

    2. All elections everywhere are fraudulent- since the beginning of time.
      And it’s not as though the Framers were not aware of this.
      One can say, this is one of the prices you pay for having Democracy and/or Republic.
      The only question regarding the last election was how much. And it’s the only question about any election.
      A major value of having any election is to build confidence- and last election has failed at this metric.
      And worse, it seems it’s going fail more in future elections. And apparently, this is price one pays, having stupid large corporations,
      and everyone apparently deluded, that they pay to most in taxes {and were it true, they “should be” controlling the election.
      It seems only simple solution is having corporation pay zero taxes or people can grow a brain and realize these corporations are not paying most of the taxes. One can say they paying a fee for having a monopoly- and small part of such fees are buying politicans.

    3. The sworn affidavits testifying to widespread organized election fraud from 1200 witnesses are pretty strong too. Of course, the Republicans in Congress joined the Democrats in a chorus of “la la la we can’t hear you,” as they always do when it’s really important.

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