17 thoughts on “An Ascendant Left”

  1. Just remember the goals of any action by the left whether it’s:

    Pelosi talking to the Joint Chiefs and claiming Trump is unhinged and the nuke codes must be taken from him

    deplatforming/canceling conservative thought and action,

    Issuing statements that there will be a 50 state armed insurrection on inauguration day…

    or whatever….

    The idea is to

    1) Sully Trump’s name

    2) Sully YOUR name – create a narrative that you are stupid and dangerous to justify any action they wish to take

    3) Teach YOU never ever to vote for a Swamp Drainer again or you’ll be punished

    4) Accuse wildly so as to justify immoral, unconstitutional actions across the board.

    They are piling on now…heaping every calumny on Trump and conservatives that they can think of.

    This is to allow them to do what they want.

    it’s always been their tactic.

    For example:

    We are being deplatformed and silenced

    So suppose conservative net platforms like Parler go underground. Their obvious move is to call it a “cabal” and “terrorist organization ” otherwise why would they hide underground? If they had nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be so secretive.

    And then watch the unconstitutional laws and oppression fly.

    They will use this tactic to get your guns too.

    So remember, with the Left they don’t care if they don’t get what they are demanding…

    ..like an impeach AND convicted Trump.

    …or actually get the nuke codes taken from Trump

    That’s not the real objective.

    No: the accusation is all their after. Because the MSM won’t call them on it; their acolytes will swallow it whole (confirmation bias), the accused (meaning you ) will be cowed into submission, and they can proceed to do what they want.,

  2. Painting Trump as a deranged terrorist lays the groundwork for the demands for all Trump judicial appointees to resign or be lynched by Antifa.

  3. Charles – that too.

    So for example they just impeached Trump in the house for the second time.

    It matters not that the impeachment is groundless and probably unconstitutional – Trump was not given a chance to defend himself.

    What matters is the left now can say that Trump is so awful he was impeached TWICE.

    It’s the Scarlett Letters I*2 that matters….

    not at all whether it was justified.

    And it doesn’t matter that it’ll never reach the Senate.

    it’s the LABEL that counts – a label that will teach any other politician what will happen to them if they attempt to tip the Uniparty’s rice bowl and expose the grift.

    And the Label will be used to justify scaring and psychologically bludgeoning you.

    Truth is totally irrelevant

  4. The stupid republicans with their small govt and don’t change anything, was a losing position.
    I like idea of small govt, but let’s kid yourself that US is anything like a small government.
    Rather than small govt, it would a lot nicer if we had functioning republic. Or small govt is really about actually having republic- that whole reason behind the idea of what is good about a small govt- less likely to lose the republic.
    The idea that every one must vote, is deranged. But everyone who wants to vote, should have their vote correctly counted.
    Elections should only take one day. It would better if took less than 1 hour. We don’t need stupid caveman elections, it’s friggin 21 century.
    Why do election have run worse than Postal office or DMV?
    Having very accurate vote is very important.

    1. 1) “Elections should only take one day. It would better if took less than 1 hour. We don’t need stupid caveman elections, it’s friggin 21 century.
      Why do election have run worse than Postal office or DMV?”

      2) Having very accurate vote is very important.”

      1 and 2 are, at present, mutually exclusive

      1. Musk says going to Mars.
        Can Americans simply have a vote.
        I seems it would better than any kind protest.
        Pick a date. Pick whatever you all what have “election” about
        Since mentioned going to Mars, it for example could that be what election is about. And/or it could be straw polls and all elected pols.
        So, the main challenge is to have more people voting than in US election- and do better job at it.

    2. There was some tech site that had an article up about voting a while back and how we should just use smart phones. The article was slanted to the left, like look what we could do if it wasn’t for the luddite right. To keep it legit, they proposed all sorts of biometric data like blockchains, fingerprints, photos of id, and selfies. Why can’t we use that sort of stuff regardless of how people vote?

  5. Apropos, Rand do you collect IP addresses or other identifying information of your blog commenters? I picture us being a lot the Gestapo would like have a word with in the next 4 years. I should probably work on keeping a lower profile.

  6. A key flaw with Democrat’s ideology is that there is no absolution. When a person is punished no matter what they do, there is no reason to fall in line and become a slave.

    1. I disagree, Wodun:

      There is absolution and rehabilitation for the Left.

      Witness Al Franken’s rehab.

      Alcee Hasting’s rehab

      And then there’s pre-absolution – Ted Kennedy

          1. “Unless Satan is a Democrat.”

            C’mon, even Satan has better taste than wanting to associate with, and be associated with, the second worst Kennedy. The real problem for Satan is figuring out which part of the Inferno the Sea-Lion of the Senate deserves most. There are so many circles and bolgias from which to choose.

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