3 thoughts on “The Great Unraveling”

  1. The collapse of the old order was inevitable, because it no longer made sense. It was built around an industrial society where the rich needed the poor to work in their factories. That world no longer exists.

    The oligarchs just decided to bring the collapse forward when they saw the people begin to revolt against them with Brexit and Trump.

    1. None of this has to do with poor people and factories. It has to do with Marxism and the long march through our institutions.

  2. “Barring businesses from using online payment systems; removing companies from the App Store; banning people from social media — these are the equivalent of telling people they can’t open a bank account or start a business or drive down a street. ”

    Oh, they will ban you from banks too. It has already happened. There is already a progressive stack for business programs and they will stop people from opening businesses they don’t like too. Drive down the street? That’s a little harder but it wouldn’t surprise me.

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