11 thoughts on “The Second Amendment”

  1. Personally I think the 2nd Amendment is likely toast. Between stacking the Federal courts and or intimidating SCOTUS into not taking an appealed decision we will get gun control out the wazoo by presidential order if necessary. Just like fracking is likely dead; phase one end drilling on government property (already done) phase 2 slow down the approvals process to a craw on private land.

      1. The last day of the Second Amendment is the first day of the next civil war.

        BTW, Montana has also declared itself a sanctuary city, and Constitutional Carry with very, very few exceptions.

          1. “It will be death by a thousand cuts, not any sungular event.”

            Yes. Embolden legislatures passing copious amounts of gun control laws encouraged by Biden’s Presidential order(s) on such. Like for instance removing liability protections for gun sellers/manufacturers. Going hog-wild expanding the definition of “assault weapons” to include anything more advanced than a flint-lock etc. Stacked courts largely ignoring the Constitution not worried about the inhibited SCOTUS overruling them. In any case you can pass laws a lot faster than a court(s) can revoke them; maybe just wear them out.

          2. Don’t forget the comeback of Operation Chokepoint. Banks, and the financial industry in general, never stopped persecuting the firearms industry and others on Democrat’s enemies list but look for it to get ramped up now that progressive fascism is seizing power.

  2. Since this election, I have to assume anyone talking about a civil war and guns is just another blowhard. I’ll change my mind about that when the shooting starts.

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