23 thoughts on “Biden’s Culture-War Blitzkrieg”

  1. Boy Rand rough week for you, a antifa as president, putting wrong links to posts twice, testing a AC sprinkler controller with the multi-meter set to DC.

          1. And I thought by now St.Hillary! would be making an appearance with a job in the administration.

            Her absence does give a hint to who’s running things and it looks like it ain’t her and Billy.

          2. Obama is running the show and one only need go watch his livestreams in youtube to see how big of a racist the progressive fascist is. If normal Democrats knew, they wouldn’t accept it. That is why the media always shields Obama and his true beliefs from scrutiny.

    1. Maybe it was all an elaborate rick roll to get you to look at memes making fun of the kid sniffer Biden.

      1. Yea I noticed after sending it about missing the an and “an AC “. But since “Antifa” is a ideology not a proper name of a organization no capitalization and President doesn’t belong to any such organization called “Antifa”.

  2. “I will just take the opportunity to remind all of you that he is a devout Catholic”

    A flat-out lie, but nothing new. If the Church leadership had any courage they would excommunicate Joe*.

      1. After Mass the Bidens went out for bagels. Ferdinand and Isabella knew about people like them. #fakecatholic #converso #marrano

  3. JANUARY 24, 2021
    ABANDON YOUR AUDIENCE AND YOUR AUDIENCE WILL ABANDON YOU: Fox News Ratings Crash: Trailing CNN and MSNBC For The First Time Since 2000.
    –J Powell • an hour ago
    I guess that means they will have to become more overtly left-wing if they want to compete with the other networks…–

    I agree, they no good with conservative, they should be going with inner lefty child.
    The thing with all the corporate news, is they lack of any talent and soul less morons. So go head hunting for the more interesting lefties. The dems they got, should fired first, as they are really boring and all losers.

    1. It would be relatively straight forward to turn the company around. I wouldn’t stop with the on air talent. The website has always leaned left. Newsmax also tilts left on their website as well.

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