13 thoughts on “Canceling The Cancelers”

  1. You like the idea of Making America California?
    Is this what you’re referring to?
    I do kind of like it:

    It’s a shame about that plumbing leak, but your hate-filled “Hate Has No Home Here” sign is a violation of Jones Plumbing’s terms of service. If you’ll just open your backdoor, the leaking water will find its way out.

  2. I think it would be hard to deny service altogether, cause discrimination, shut up.

    HOWEVER, I’m sorry I’m soooo busy right now, I won’t be able to service your sewer line for about 4 weeks. BUT, if you are in an emergency, my guy can drop off a hand cranked sewer eel and will give you a quick demo of how to clean your line for yourself*….

    *BTW, been there done that too….

    Hey Mike Rowe, how’s it going? Been savin’ a spot for ya right next to me here in the backhoe trench. Here grab this line and start twisting and then when it snags tight, pull it towards ya, but not too fast…. 🙂 Ya got your hip waders on first? Rubber gloves?

    1. Yeah, the “bake the cake” people really screwed up, although I don’t blame them as it probably hadn’t occurred to them: “Sure, I can bake you a cake.” And then on the wedding day, it inexplicably comes out tasting wrong. “So sorry, don’t know what happened. We will of course refund your money.”

    1. I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to work that many hours on these types of projects or I’ll be considered an employee and you’d have to pay my social security and provide health benefits. You say I’m wrong? Well, I can’t afford the lawyer, so to be safe, I just can’t help you.

  3. Not going to work think their always be someone that take the job. The granola eating hair shirt wearer, money is still green, and as we can see with “righties” these days they will do anything for money.

    Now since this is from the southern party it probably be enforced by the mob like trying to find a company to remove statues of traitors in New Orleans. or keeping a school segerated.

    As reminder remember that Promo code DINISH.

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