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    1. Escoffier is also free, but equally irrelevant to most modern cooking needs.

      Unless one is planning to cook a massive state dinner or open a classic French restaurant, that is.

      (The rest of us sometimes want a recipe for “what can I do with X and Y?” or “how do you make _____?”)

      1. Comment dit-on «giggity» en Français?

        I have not cooked anything remotely complicated in years but am glad to know how. I think people who intend to cook regularly should start with a good book which teaches the principles. Joy of Cooking or Mastering the Art of French Cooking would be sufficient for most. I’m a bit more enthusiastic, so I enjoy my hardcover Larousse Gastronomique and The Professional Chef.

  1. Also keep in mind that the longer the eyeballs are on the website, the more ads they see. That explains the “see Spot run” websites which promise you an exciting story, but force you to read the story one sentence per webpage.

      1. You can achieve salvation while in Hell:

        Click below for the 800,000,000,000,000,000 click website that also talks while drawing pictures at the same time.

  2. Pacific island recipes tend to be very simple. I’ll relate two Samoan recipes.

    Fish in coconut milk:
    Take some fish and boil it in coconut milk.

    Hot pisupo (canned roast beef – which they linguistically confused with pea soup because both came in cans):

    Put some pisupo in the oven and heat it up.

    But thanks to Google, we get essay length recipes for ice water.

  3. Pretty sure that Rand can relate to this from the article, “Every Italian restaurant below the 95th percentile of quality is a block of pseudo-unique content — location, decoration, ambiance, service — designed so you’ll pay a big markup on stuff anyone can make at home.”

  4. Many of the top recipe sites already have the “funnel” monetized. Something that would help the audience from participating in the SEO game is to put a “Click here to jump to the recipe” button at the top after a short one paragraph intro.

  5. These days everyone is a philosopher.

    They think because they have the best grilled cheese sandwich recipe that everyone wants to hear their deep philosophy.

    You’ll note the same characteristic in Hollywood stars:

    Just because they did a passable job on their last made-for-tv movie they figure their philosophy is minted out of pure gold and must be shared with the hoi polloi.

    1. You doubt that local-sourced, organically raised, grass-fed cows raised in co-operative farming co-op that provides wellness-care for the participants make the best sustainable butter for grilled cheese sandwiches?

      1. As opposed to non-cooperative farming co-ops?
        Seen those. Usually has something to do with diversion of waterways or even better, introduction of a non-native species of plant.

        Oh joy….

      2. The cap on the 80-oz honey jar says: “Prod. of USA, Argentina, Brazil, India, Ukraine, Uruguay U.S. Grade A”… That sort of Co-Op ??

        Why eat Local when you can eat Cosmopolitan>/em> ?

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