The Revolution

devours all before it.

The Board also voted to change the name of Roosevelt Middle School, even though no one was sure whether it was named after Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Better safe than sorry. By the way, the Board does not have new names chosen for the schools. It just wants to get rid of the old ones.”

Just number them. That’s what the Soviets did, after all.

6 thoughts on “The Revolution”

  1. The messed up thing here is that the people pushing this adhere to an ideology responsible for more death and suffering than the transatlantic slave trade and accomplished this feat in a fraction of the time.

  2. “Just number them. That’s what the Soviets did, after all.”

    And don’t forget the New York City School District!

  3. Just number them. That’s what the Soviets did, after all.
    Oh no no. That will never do. You have to be selective about that. After, all School #1619 is ok, but #1776 is out. Also bad numbers are any years of presidential birthdays, #1854 the year the Republican Party was founded, etc. etc. There is literally no end to numbers you have to first vet.

    To live in a totalitarian society you have to adapt to the true-think not the crime-think. Mini-ungood, and double-think self-think to progress uncrime-think.

  4. My bet is that they’ll end up renaming them all after rapists, thugs, and murderers – in the name of social justice.

    1. My bet is pre-historic tribes whose land was stolen to perch these schools upon. Since they are pre-historic you cannot prove it was votherwise through documentation in a court of law. Doubleplus good.

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